Cargo Handlers keep on sailing away

CAR H 2015-06-26 Activity on the Junior Market was moderate and closed with 11 securities trading and ended with only 347,331 units changing hands valued at $1,016,457. The JSE Junior Market Index advanced 15.05 points close at 914.77. The market ended with the prices of 4 stocks advancing, 5 declining with Cargo Handlers closing at 52 weeks’ high.
At the close of the junior market was flashing weak signals for Wednesday with 4 stocks having bids higher than their last selling prices, 5 with lower offers and 5 securities closing with no bids to buy while only 3 had no stocks being offered for sale.
Stocks trading in the junior market are, Access Financial Services closing with 5,951 shares trading 2 cents up at $11.02, AMG Packaging ending with just 200 units changing hands to close 1 cent lower at $3.19 but had an offer at $3.15 at the end to sell 27,775 shares. Cargo Handlers recorded yet another all-time high in trading 9,342 units $1.50 higher to close at $30, Caribbean Cream traded 1,000 units at $1.60, Caribbean Flavours trading 16,581 shares to close at $2.53 after losing 2 cents, JM 30-6-15Caribbean Producers traded 5,000 shares and lost 20 cents to $2.80, Dolphin Cove trading only 811 units at $13 for a new high, after gaining 40 cents. At the close Knutsford Express sold 920 shares at $6.10. Lasco Financial Services traded 218,100 shares and gained 12 cents to end at $1.93, Lasco Manufacturing had 26,937 shares changing hands at $1.45 to again 14 cents at the end, Medical Disposables ended at $2.25 with 10,000 shares changing hands with a loss of 5 cents and Derrimon Trading 11.75% preference share closed with a 10 cents loss at $2.40.

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  1. […] Cargo Handlers profit for the year to September was barely higher than for that of 2014 at $136 million versus $132 million but the company had some one-off expenses amounting to $16 million. Revenues climbed to $252 million from $236 million in 2014. The final quarter of the year saw lower revenues of $67 million, down from $79 million in the September 2014 quarter while profit fell 40 percent to $29 million from $48 million in 2014. Cargo Handlers recorded earnings per share of $3.63 versus $3.52 in 2014. Going forward, the tax free holiday the company enjoyed from December 2010, ends in November this year and moves to 12.5 percent for the next 5 years. This will dent profits a bit, added to that, the company made $6 million in foreign exchange gains in 2015, that looks uncertain going forward with the adjustment in the value of the Jamaican dollar that now seems appropriately valued, but for likely moderate movements in 2016. Unless there is a dramatic change in revenues, profit after tax for 2016 should grow marginally to around $145 million or $3.87 per share. The company ended the year with $151 million in cash included in current assets of $203 million and only $15 million in current liabilities. Equity is $245 million with virtually no interest bearing debt. The stock which is listed on the junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange last traded at $37.50. Two dividends amounting to $2.35 per share were paid during the year. […]

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