BOJ engineers cut in CDs interest rates

Interest rates on Bank of Jamaica dropped to an average of 10.6 percent at the latest CD auction on Wednesday, April 24, following an offer of $34.5 billion to the public in a competitive price auction. The previous auction of $39 5 billion attracted only $37.8 billion in bids, resulting in an average rate of 11.032 percent.
In today’s auction bids amounting to just over $55 billion were received from 399 applications but only 257 were satisfied, with rates ranging from 9 to 11 percent. The latest offer brings the total amount of 30 days CDS to $125.7 billion which is down sharply from $155 billion on April 5, this year with the averaget rate then of 11.59 percent.
On April 22 the bank offered $14 billion in a 25 month CD that attracted $29 billion in bids and resulted in an average rate of 8.93 percent and put the total amounts in two year CDs to nearly $60 billion.

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