Big bounce for Junior Market on Friday

Trading closed on the Junior Market on Friday, with the index making a sizable recovery as trading picked up, with 44 percent more stocks than on Thursday and with 98 percent greater value.
Market activity led to 33 securities trading, similar to Thursday, and ended with 11 stocks rising, 13 declining and nine ending unchanged.
At the close, the Junior Market Index rallied 33.83 points to finish at 3,369.03. The PE Ratio, a measure used in computing an appropriate stock value, averages 13.1 based on’s 2021-22 earnings forecast.
A total of 5,307,749 shares traded for $17,164,498 compared to 3,674,321 units at $8,690,782 on Thursday. Future Energy Source led trading with 28.8 percent of total volume in trading 1.53 million shares, followed by Mailpac Group 22.1 percent, with 1.17 million units and Lasco Distributors 19.5 percent, with an exchange of 1.03 million units.
Trading averages 160,841 units at $520,136 versus 111,343 at $263,357 on Thursday. Trading for the  month to date averages 156,090 units at $447,181, versus 155,814 units at $442,949 on Thursday. June closed with an average of 225,705 units at $644,459.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows four stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and two with lower offers.
At the close, AMG Packaging lost 8 cents to finish at $1.56 with 125,170 shares passing through the market, Blue Power dropped 25 cents to $3.35 with 550 stock units traded, Cargo Handlers shed 50 cents to settle at $8 in switching ownership of 1,000 units. Caribbean Cream slipped 10 cents to $6 with an exchange of 15,820 shares, Consolidated Bakeries popped 35 cents to $2, with 1,679 stock units changing hands, Fosrich climbed 25 cents to $8.15 with a transfer of 12,895 units. Honey Bun rallied 14 cents to $6.74 with 14,799 shares crossing the exchange, Indies Pharma gained 17 cents to $3.96, with 58,209 stock units traded, Iron Rock Insurance shed 60 cents to end at $3.60 with an exchange of 74,353 units. KLE Group rose 10 cents to $1.28 with 5,000 shares changing hands, Limners and Bards lost 8 cents to finish at $3.02 with a transfer of 164,547 stock units, Lumber Depot fell 7 cents to $3.36, with investors switching ownership of 202,312 units. Mailpac Group slipped 5 cents to $3.80, with 1,172,910 stocks traded and tTech dropped 35 cents to $4.40 with 85,940 shares crossing the exchange.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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