Abysmal reporting continues at MPC for Q1

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy’s financial wellbeing continues to be clouded in secrecy, with investors not being provided with a full set of financial reports showing the full financial status of the company and the group.

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The last year’s interim reports for the first three quarters and the first quarter this year, defiles logic. Those reports show the group operating at a break even for four quarters, three in 2021 and one in 2022. The fourth quarter results ends up with a profit from unrealized investment gains of US$1.347 million. The same situation occurred in 2020. How is this possible, when the directors’ report shows varying levels of  EBITDA per quarter?
The directors reported to shareholders that “In the first quarter of the year, the commercial and technical development of the Company’s underlying assets were within the expected range. The weather conditions have had a negative impact on revenues due to lower electrical energy production than initially forecasted, which has been reflected in the financial results. Technically, there was a high system availability.”
The report also shows that in the quarter EBITDA was US$2,206,018. In 2021 first quarter EBITDA was US$1.81 million. The first quarter statements show no income but from its three projects, it is invested in similar to 2021.
There are questions that need answering. Is the valuation that results in a fourth quarter surplus done quarterly or not for the subsidiary that holds the direct investments in the energy projects and if not why not?  Regardless, what is the net position for each quarter and why is it not included in the quarterly report to the Jamaica Stock Exchange so that shareholders can see what is happening to their investment?
Investors in publicly listed companies should expect full disclosure as to what is happening to their investments. This is not the case with MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund LLC and there is no good reason for it.
Some investors may recall the story of Enron that went busted but shareholders were unaware of the true status of the group as financial statements of some subsidiaries were not included in the group report. Unfortunately, MPC reporting is akin to Enron as the quarterly results fail to meet the minimum standards for continued listing. When will the Jamaica Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Commission take action to protect investors in this company?


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