8 junior stocks rose on Monday

Dolphin Cove closed at a new high of $17 on Monday's .

Dolphin Cove closed at a new high of $17 on Monday’s .

Activity in the junior market rose on Monday from the Friday’s low level and ended with active 13 securities of with 8 stocks advanced and none declined. The junior market index dropped 20 points to 1,628.64 with 3,859,529 units, valued at $20,386,711 changing hands.
At the close there was 1 security ending with no bid to buy and 8 securities had no stocks being offered for sale. A total of 4 stocks closed with bids higher than their last traded prices while none closed with a lower offer.
In trading, AMG Packaging traded 662 units at $7 for the first time, to record an increase of $1, Cargo Handlers closed at $36 while 110 units changed hands, Caribbean Cream ended with 5,288 shares changing hands at $3.80, to gain 40 cents, Consolidated Bakeries gained 4 cents in trading 30,000 units and closed at $1.10 after trading at $1.17. Derrimon Trading ended with 1,015,290 shares changing hands at a new 52 weeks’ high of $3.78, for a gain of 12 cents, Dolphin Cove jumped to $17 with a rise of $1 to close at a new high with only 300 shares changing hands. KLE Group traded 10,000 units after rising 10 cents to 85 cents, Knutsford Express ended at $10.50 with 989,069 shares changing hands after the price high an all-time high of $11.30 earlier in the day.JM Trde Sht 14-12-15 Lasco Distributors closed with 67,426 shares changing hands at $4.50, the price rose to a new 52 weeks’ intraday high of $4.65, Lasco Financial rose 2 cents ended at $3.12, with 33,060 shares changing hands. Lasco Manufacturing (LASM) rose 11 cents and closed at $3.10, with 1,534,857 shares trading. At the close there were 2,536,706 units of LASM offered for sale by Stocks and Securities as broker for a client at $3.30 and Eppley cumulative preference share 2019, ended with 5,000 units changing hands at $6.08 after falling 1 cent.

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  1. How do you guys get all those data for the stocks such as bid and ask quantities? These data would work wonders for me. Can you share please?

    • IC Insider.com says

      Thanks for your enquiry and we are happy you find the postings useful. We have a feed from the JSE daily and so extra the data.