2 weeks’ of robust gains for IC TOP 10

The IC Insider.com TOP 10 stocks have put substantial gains since the posting at the end of March. The selections based on projected 2020/21 earnings, included robust increases of 73 percent from Elite Diagnostic, followed by Lasco Manufacturing with a gain of 56 percent and Access Financial 55 percent.

Elite Diagnostics surged 73% on the Junior Market since the end of March.

Other outstanding Junior Market gains came from Caribbean Producers that enjoyed a rise of 33 percent in closing at $3 but traded up to $3.51 on Thursday, with an increase of 56 percent since the end of March. KLE Group rose 36 percent and Lasco Financial ended with a 30 percent increase. In the Main Market, Eppley leads with a 45 percent gain, Wisynco Group rose 43 percent and Radio Jamaica 24 percent.
The gains came from a strong recovery of stock prices on the Jamaica Stock Exchange after falling by record levels in March.
Following the rise in prices of TOP 10 stocks, there are five new entrants for the coming week.  These are General Accident, CAC 2000 and Stationery and Office Supplies in the Junior Market and in the Main Market, Sygnus Credit Investments and Caribbean Cement.
Stocks that dropped from the TOP 10 are Access Financial, Elite Diagnostic and Medical Disposables from the Junior Market and Eppley and Wisynco Group from the Main Market.
The current IC Insider.com TOP 10 list is based on the profit of companies reporting full year’s results for the financial year ending after 2020 second quarter and up to the second quarter in 2021.
Many local stocks made a strong recovery over the past two weeks, but major uncertainties still exist and it is not possible to determine the exact impact on company earnings. Actual earnings could vary materially from IC Insider.com’s forecast. Looking beyond the immediate fallout or benefits can provide a useful investment guide for above-average gains in the months ahead.
The three top Junior Market selections are Caribbean Producers, KLE Group and Lasco Financial with the potential to gain between 270 to 533 percent by 2021. In the Main Market, Berger Paints leads the pact followed by Radio Jamaica and then Carreras with projected gains of 146 to 170 percent.
The targeted average PE ratio of the market is 20. Both the Junior and Main markets are currently trading well below this level. The JSE Main Market ended the week, with an overall PE of 13.3 and the Junior Market a mere 9.7, based on current 2020/21 earnings. The PE ratio for Junior Market Top 10 stocks averages a just 5.7 with the Main Market at 8.8.
The TOP 10 stocks now trade at a discount of 41 percent of the average for Junior Market and Main Market stocks trade at a discount of 34 percent to the overall market. The average projected gain for the IC TOP 10 stocks is 278 percent from 312 percent last week and down from 377 percent at the close of the prior week for the Junior Market and 139 percent from 153 percent last week for the JSE Main Market, based on 2020/21 earnings.
IC TOP 10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns to March 2021. Forecasted earnings and PE ratio for the current fiscal year are in determining potential gains. The ranking of stocks is in order of likely increases, with the highest-ranked, being the most attractive. Expected values will change as stock prices fluctuate and will result in movements of the selection in and out of the lists for most weeks. Earnings per share are revised on an ongoing basis as new information is received that can result in changes in and out of the list.

Persons who compiled this report may have an interest in securities commented on in this report.


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