12% allotment for Spur Tree shares

The staff at Spur Tree Spices lost a golden opportunity to make money from the company they worked for leaving a portion of the 10 million shares on the table for others to take up at a very low price that will likely double in rice sooner than later.
GK Capital Management released to the public the basis of allotment of the successful Spur Tree Spices Initial Public Offer of 335.4 million shares on Thursday.
Applicants in the staff key partner reserve pools will receive 100 percent of their application with the balance of the shares in these pools that were not applied for will become available for the General Public Pool Applicants, who will receive up to the first 10,000 shares plus a pro-rata allocation of approximately 11.76 percent of the excess shares for which they applied.
The prospectus indicated that allocation and refunds will take place within ten days of closing and trading in the shares no more than five business days after the Jamaica Stock Exchange approves the admission of shares to the Junior Market.
“It is the intention of the Company to apply to the JSE for admission of the Ordinary Shares to the Junior Market and to make such application immediately following the closing of the Invitation,” the prospectus stated.

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