#1 ICTOP10 pick to stun market

ICTOP10 number 1 stock, Radio Jamaica (RJR) price moved up 22 percent since releasing full year results recently, with the stock trading at the highest price in a year, it is set to lose the number one spot sooner than later. The company reported just 7 cents per share from reduced revenues. On the surface, the stock price should at best remain at the prerelease price around $1.70 level, but there is much more to those results that only a more detailed assessment would reveal.

Media house, RJR traded most shares on friday

Based on ICInsider.com research, investors should expect the first quarter profit to exceed the 2021 fiscal year results of $171 million on the way to record just under $1 billion in profit for 2022 to give investors a big payday.
RJR is the sort of stock that few would have on their buy list. After all, the company has not performed particularly well in recent years. Worse the Cocvid-19 pandemic made matters tough for them, with contraction in revenues and initially, reduced profit. What goes for RJR would apply to many of the ICInsider.com top stocks for 2021. ICInsider.com goes beyond the actual results to find important information that is not always useful to many but can provide guidance into the future and expose above average profit growth.
That is one reason why many of the selections at the start of the year have done well. Examples are as such, Caribbean Cream up 43 percent for the year to date started the year at the number 2 spot, Caribbean Producers the number 3 spot selection is up 82 percent, Main Event up 73 percent, Medical Disposables up just 12 percent, Stationery & Office Supplies 55 percent, Lumber Depot 116 percent and Mailpac 32 percent. Later, Future Energy Source was added to the list at the IPO stage and is up an impressive 110 percent. Additionally, Jetcon Corporation up 76 percent and Jamaican Teas 100 percent are not being counted. The Main Market with few overall winners for that market so far also produced winners from the TOP15 list, posted at the start of the year, Grace, Carreras, Caribbean Cement and Jamaica Broilers.
The TOP10 stocks are not always the best in the market but are most likely to be the best winners within a fifteen-month period. IC ranked stocks to filter out the big winners, allowing investors to focus on potentially big winners and help to keep out emotional attachments to stocks.
PanJam Investment earnings is downgraded to $4.50 per share and the stock moved out of the TOP10 Main Market listing and is replaced by Scotia Group, now in at tenth spot. There are no changes in or out of the Junior Market list.
This past week the average gains projected for the Junior Market moved up from 183 percent last week back to 202 percent and Main Market stocks moved to 164 percent from 176 percent.
The top three stocks in the Junior Market continue, with Elite Diagnostic heading the list, followed by Caribbean Assurance Brokers and Medical Disposables, with potential to gain between 237 percent and 291 percent compared to 233 and 242 percent last week. The top three Main Market stocks are Radio Jamaica in the number one spot, followed by JMMB Group Guardian Holdings, with expected gains of 183 to 292 percent as RJR price rose and reducing its future potential growth, versus last weeks’ 181 to 379 percent.
The Junior Market closed the week with an average PE 13.1 based on ICInsider.com’s 2021-22 earnings and currently trades well below the target of 20 and the recent historical average of 17 for the period to March this year based on 2020 earnings. For the Junior Market to trade at the historical average, the PE Ratio would have to rise 30 percent and requires a rise of 53 percent to reach the targeted PE of 20 by March 2022. Main Market stocks would have to rise by 17 percent to hit a PE of 19 and 23 percent to get to the target of 20. The Junior Market Top 10 stocks average PE is a mere 6.8, just 52 percent of the market average, indicating substantial gains ahead.
The JSE Main Market ended the week with an overall PE of 16.4, a little distance from the 19 the market ended at in March, suggesting just a 17 percent rise at a PE of 19 and 23 percent at a PE of 20 from now to March 2022. The Main Market TOP 10 trades at a PE of 7.8 or 48 percent of the PE of that market, well off the potential of 20.
IC TOP10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns up to March 2022 and ranked in order of potential gains, based on likely increase for each company, considering the earnings and PE ratios for the current fiscal year. Expected values will change as stock prices fluctuate and result in weekly movements in and out of the lists. Revisions to earnings per share are ongoing, based on receipt of new information.

Persons who compiled this report may have an interest in securities commented on in this report.

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