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Junior Market at record high

The Junior Market is trading at record high at the start of Monday trading at 3,700.02 points after surging 114.27 points and exceeding the record close of 3,662.94 points on August 14, 2019. The … [Read More...]

Remittances on track to exceed US$3.5B

Remittances inflows to Jamaica surged to US$3.18 billion for the first 11 months of 2021 after pulling in US$274.5 million in November, an increase of 15.6 percent or US$37 million over the comparative … [Read More...]

Junior Market investors having a blast

With just two weeks of the new year, Junior Market stocks are hot with the market index gaining just 1.2 percent year to date, but the index does not give a full picture of what is happening. In 2021 the … [Read More...]

Spur Tree Spices lists on Friday on the JSE

Shares of Spur Tree Spices will list on Friday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange following the successful Initial Public Offering said to have attracted applications from more than 5,000 … [Read More...]

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Profit melts in the third quarter at Kremi

The 2022 fiscal year started with a blast for the first quarter to May with profit at $54 million after tax, doubling the $27 million in 2020, but a lot of that melted away in the third quarter to November … [Read More...]

Profit surged 533% in Q2 at Paramount

Profit surged 533 percent in the 2021 November quarter, at Paramount Trading, to $29 million from just $4.5 million in 2020 after tax, but profit for the six months to November, popped by a much slower 141 … [Read More...]

Profit surges 146% at AMG Packaging

ICInsider.com TOP15 2022 selection, AMG Packaging released first quarter results to November, with revenues climbing 55 percent to $270 million from $174 million in 2020 and delivered profit before tax of … [Read More...]

Profit drop at Elite but watch this stock

Revenue of $118 million for the first quarter in 2020 fell 7 percent to $110 million in the first quarter to September 2021, resulting in a loss of $10.3 million compared to a profit of $16.7 million the … [Read More...]

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New record close for Junior Market

The Junior Market climbed 26.97 points to close at 3,669.73, complete trading at a new record close on Thursday after the market topped out on August 14, 2019, at 3,662.94, some two and a half years ago and follows the record intraday high earlier this week when the market hit 3,700.02 points in early trading on Monday.   Market activity led to … [Read More...]

Most JSE USD stocks rose on Thursday

Trading on Thursday, ended with the volume of shares changing hands slipping 53 percent with 71 percent lower value than Wednesday, at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market, resulting in far more stocks rising than falling. Trading ended with seven securities changing hands, compared to nine on Wednesday with prices of four rising, … [Read More...]

Massy Holdings list on JSE with no trades

Massy Holdings shares were listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Thursday with no trading in the stock, but it closed with demand for 29,304 with 166 orders, with the highest bid at $2,801 for 137 shares and the lowest tradable at $1,500, there was no stock on offer at the close. The reference price to start trading was set at $2,643.08. In … [Read More...]

Retreat for Trinidad & Tobago stocks

Stock prices plunged Thursday, on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, with the Composite Index shedding 6.49 points to 1,523.32, the All T&T Index fell 11.35 points to close at 2,127.38 and the Cross-Listed Index lost 0.18 points to settle at 122.91, with just two stocks rising, 11 declining and five remaining unchanged after trading picked up with … [Read More...]

Junior Market eyeing record close

Trading closed on Wednesday, with the volume of stocks traded declining 28 percent and the value slipping 22 percent lower than on Tuesday, but the market index held on to most of its early gains at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. A total of 42 securities traded similar to Tuesday and ended with 15 rising, 16 declining and 11, closing … [Read More...]

Pullback for JSE Main Market

Market activity ended on Wednesday with the volume of shares declining 23 percent and the value 34 percent lower than on Tuesday at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market as rising stocks were marginally less than those declining, pushing the market indices into a fall. The All Jamaican Composite Index dropped 3,169.31 points to 436,515.05, … [Read More...]

Trading picks up on the JSE USD market

Trading on Wednesday, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market with the volume of shares changing hands rising 227 percent, with 1071 percent higher value than on Tuesday, resulting in a three way split in stocks rising, falling and those closing unchanged. Nine securities traded compared to six on Tuesday, with stocks rising, declining and ending … [Read More...]

Trading falls on TTSE

Market activity resulted in more stocks rising than falling at the close of trading on Wednesday after an exchange of 81 percent fewer shares, with a 73 percent lower value than on Tuesday, at the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. A total of 18 securities traded compared to 19 on Tuesday, with four  rising, five declining and nine remaining … [Read More...]

Junior Market backs off attaching record

Trading activity eased on Tuesday and led to a fall in the market index of 35.13 points to settle at 3,618.80 after the volume and value of stocks trading declined from Monday's levels on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Junior Market. At the close of the market, all but one security traded, resulting from 42 active securities compared to 39 on Monday and ended … [Read More...]

Trading jumps on JSE Main Market

Market activity surged on Tuesday leading to the volume of shares trading, 319 percent higher than on Monday as funds passing through the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market climbed 262 percent and led to rising stocks exceeding those declining. The All Jamaican Composite Index rose 401.94 points to 439,684.36, the JSE Main Index advanced 1,224.58 points to … [Read More...]

Falling prices dominate JSE USD market

Trading on Tuesday ended with the volume of shares changing hands declining 85 percent with a 96 percent fall in value than on Monday, at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market, resulting in more stocks declining than rising. Trading ended with six securities changing hands, similar to Monday, with the price of one rising, four falling and … [Read More...]

Trading climbs but T&T market falters

Market activity picked on Tuesday and resulted in 54 percent more shares trading, with 148 percent higher value than on Monday, on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, but trading ended with the market indices slipping at the close.  The number of securities traded remained at 19 similar to trading on Monday and ended with four rising, five slipping and … [Read More...]