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Carib Cement Q1 profit triples

After several years of underperformance, Jamaica’s sole cement producer - Caribbean Cement is reporting record profits of $1.53 billion, an increase of 216 percent from $483 million in 2020 from a 31 … [Read More...]

Barita’s profit doubles

Fast out of the block, Barita Investments opens the earning season for the March quarter with a doubling of profits for the quarter and half year. Profit after tax rose from $509 million to $1.04 billion … [Read More...]

JSE main Market at 12 months high

The Jamaica Stock Exchange hit the highest points on Monday Morning trading since it closed above the 442,906 points level on April 14, 2020. The Junior Market now trades at the highest level since January … [Read More...]

Cement production surges with big Q1 profit

Three months after Caribbean Cement Company announced its 2020 record cement production of 940,000 metric tons results, approximately 78,000 per month, the company recently reports the production of more … [Read More...]

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Transjamaican revenues still down

Toll collections fell 13.8 percent in 2020 versus an increase of 1.6 percent in 2019 over 2018 for Transjamaican Highway, resulted in US$45.38 million in tolls collections compared to $53.29 million in … [Read More...]

Profit dips 38% at NCB Financial

NCB Financial Group reports unaudited consolidated net profit of $9.2 billion for the period, a decline of 31% or $4.1 billion from the prior year. Consolidated net profit attributable to stockholders of … [Read More...]

Carib Cement Q1 profit triples

After several years of underperformance, Jamaica’s sole cement producer - Caribbean Cement is reporting record profits of $1.53 billion, an increase of 216 percent from $483 million in 2020 from a 31 … [Read More...]

A Supreme dip of 18% in Q1

Profit for Supreme ventures dipped 18 percent in the March 2021 quarter, to $602 million, from $737 million in 2020 from Sale revenues that rose 5.7 percent to $10.7 billion from $10.1 billion in 2021. … [Read More...]

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Jamaican listing ignites Guardian price on TTSE

After languishing for a long time around the $20 region on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange, Guardian Holdings' shares started to rally with the announcement that the stock would relist in Jamaica. On Wednesday, after listing in Kingston, the price jumped more than 10 percent on Thursday to close up $3 to a 52 weeks' high of  $29, in trading 6,921 … [Read More...]

Big Junior Market retreat – Wednesday

Trading started the day with a rise in the market index to 3,284.37 points after 30 minutes of the Junior Market opening >on Thursday but could not maintain those gains and fell over 63 points to finish at 3,221.12 after dropping 43.79 points from Wednesday’s close. Trading ended with 36 securities changing hands compared to 40 on Wednesday, ending with … [Read More...]

QWI Investments took 36% of trades

QWI Investments led trading with 36 percent of total volume for 5.21 million shares and traded as high as $1.09, following the posting of half year results showing a major about turn in the profit from a big loss of $576 million last year to a profit of $171 million for the half year, but the stock closed the day at $1 with a miniscule rise after 14,404,463 … [Read More...]

Junior Market up 61% from 2020 low

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Trading closed on Wednesday with the market advancing 38.21 points to settle at 3,264.91, the highest close since January 10, last year as the market recorded a 23.5 percent increase since the start of 2021 and is up 61 percent since the March 2020 low. At the close, 40 securities traded compared to 37 on … [Read More...]

Volume up for JSE USD stocks

Trading on Wednesday, ended with the market declining after trading 26 percent more shares than on Tuesday, on the US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, resulting in slightly more stocks falling than rising. Trading ended with five securities changing hands, compared to six on Tuesday with prices of one stock rising, two declining and two … [Read More...]

Volume picks up on TTSE on Wednesday

Market activity ended on Wednesday, with the market rising after investors traded 135 percent shares carrying a value that was 187 greater than on Tuesday, resulting in slightly more stocks falling than rising at the close of trading on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Trading took place in 14 securities compared to 13 on Tuesday, with prices of … [Read More...]

Guardian Holdings to relist on JSE Wednesday

Shares of the Trinidad based and NCB majority owned Guardian Holding shares set to be relisted on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) on Wednesday after an absence from the exchange since 2013. The application for listing the shares was made to the JSE with the company publishing an abridged financial statement in accordance with the listing requirements of … [Read More...]

Junior Market loses morning momentum

The Junior Market Index hit 3,265.18 after just 18 minutes after the market opened on Tuesday, but the market failed to hang on to those early gains and eventually settled at 3,226.70, after dropping 38.48 points off the morning’s high and 12.70 points below Monday’s close. Trading resulted in an exchange of 41.2 percent more shares than on Monday, with 29 … [Read More...]

Major rebound for Main Market

Trading activities returned to more normal levels on Tuesday, with the market rebounding from a massive 12,000 plus points drop of the All Jamaican Composite Index on Monday. The market closed on Tuesday, with more stocks rising than declining, but with a 65 percent drop in volume after 87 percent less funds chased stocks than on Monday on the Jamaica Stock … [Read More...]

Stocks mostly rose on JSE USD market

Trading on Tuesday ended with the market rising, with 83 percent fewer shares changing hands than on Monday, on the US dollar market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, resulting in more stocks rising than falling. Trading ended with six securities changing hands, compared to five on Monday with prices of three stocks rising, one declining and two remaining … [Read More...]

Moderate movements for TTSE stocks

Market activity ended on Tuesday, with the market ending moderate changes to the indices after the trading of 58.5 percent fewer shares worth 37 percent less than on Monday, as more stocks rose than declined at the close of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Trading took place in 13 securities, down from 15 on Monday, with prices of four … [Read More...]

Big jump for Junior Market

Investors sent stocks flying 67.55 points after nearly two hours of trading on Monday, but prices retreated by the close, with the market holding on to a robust 57.04 points to end at 3,239.40 after more stocks advanced than declined after an exchange of 82 percent fewer shares valued 85 percent less than on Friday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock … [Read More...]