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Sharp16% plunge in BOJ CD rate

The latest Bank of Jamaica 30 days CD offer on March 22 resulted in the first significant shift in interest rates, with the average rate plunging by 16 percent to 8.85 percent compared with the previous … [Read More...]

Remittances up in January for Jamaica

Remittance inflows into Jamaica rose 2 percent to US$248.6 million for January 2023, up from US$243.7 in 2022, data out of Jamaica’s central bank show and represent the 6th monthly increase since January … [Read More...]

Jamaica tourists’ arrivals 17% upon 2019

Tourist arrivals to Jamaica likely jumped 17 percent in September 2022 over 2019, the best September on record, data out of Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay indicate. According to a … [Read More...]

BOJ hikes interest rate higher to 5.50%

The Bank of Jamaica hikes its overnight rate once more by 0.50 percent to 5.50 percent following the latest meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The decision the bank stated was “unanimously … [Read More...]

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Profit bolted 45% at Derrimon in 2023

Profit popped 45 percent higher in 2022 at Derrimon Trading Company to $580 million for shareholders, following a mere 3.8 percent rise in revenues to $18.4 billion from $17.74 billion in 2021 and … [Read More...]

Main Event leads in latest quarterly profit

The vast majority of listed companies have now released earnings for the period ending in December or January, recently showing various degrees of success and some failures. Results during the past week, a … [Read More...]

169% surge in profit at SOS

Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) enjoyed a blow year in 2022, with earnings hitting a record high, after profits jumped 169 percent before tax to $284 million and $257 million after tax from a 55 … [Read More...]

Q3 profit jumps 40% at Medical Disposables

Profit after tax for the nine months to December last year fell 10.7 percent to $68 million at Medical Disposables, compared with $76 million in 2021. For the quarter, it rose from $37 million to $38. … [Read More...]

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Big blast off for JSE Main & Junior Market

Investors pushed the Main and Junior Market into sharp gains to close out the first quarter of 2023 as the JSE USD market inched just higher at the close on Jamaica Stock Exchange on Friday, with big gains in the volume and value of stocks traded. In the preference section of the Main Market that is not reflected in the TOP10 graphs, JPS 7 percent dropped … [Read More...]

Declining stocks crush risers on TTSE

Declining stocks crushed those rising on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Friday, after a big jump in the volume of stocks traded and a near doubling in value compared to Wednesday. The total volume dropped 69 percent below trading on Wednesday as the value slipped a mere four percent, resulting in 21 securities trading compared with 20 on … [Read More...]

Bounce in trading on JSE USD Market

Investors traded 55 percent more stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market on Thursday with a 7 percent contraction in value compared to Wednesday, resulting in trading in nine securities, compared to seven on Wednesday with four rising, one declining and four ending unchanged. Overall, 1,608,959 shares were traded for US$20,097 compared with … [Read More...]

Huge Main Market bounce as winners crush losers

Investors shifted gears and pushed stocks solidly higher on the penultimate day of the 2023 first quarter at the close of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market on Thursday, with a 78 percent fall in the volume of stocks traded, after a 64 percent fall in value than on Wednesday, following trading in 60 securities compared to 56 on Wednesday, with prices of … [Read More...]

Surge in trading on Junior Market

Trading jumped sharply on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday, with a 199 percent rise in the volume of stocks traded as the value surged 176 percent over Wednesday following trading in 42 securities compared with 45 on Wednesday and ended with prices of 21 rising, 17 declining and four closing unchanged. Investors traded 30,528,396 … [Read More...]

JSE Main Market surges over 8,300 points

The Main Market surged more than 8,300 points on Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday, while the Junior and JSE USD inched higher at the close, with both volume and value lower than on Wednesday. In the preference section of the market that is not reflected in the TOP10 graphs, JPS 7 percent dropped $43.39 to $220 and JPS 9.5 percent dived $98 to $2,900 and … [Read More...]

BOJ CD rate drop for a second week

Rates paid on Bank of Jamaica 30 days CDs dropped for a second week at the latest auction on Wednesday this week, to 8.49 percent from 8.85 percent on March 22. The rate declined from 10.54 percent at the auction on March 17 after BOJ offered $18 billion, which attracted $57.86 billion on March 22. At this week’s auction, $35 billion was offered by the … [Read More...]

Interest rates held at 7% for Jamaica

Interest rates set by the Bank of Jamaica held at 7 percent for the overnight deposits, even as inflation continues to fall rapidly in the country and now running at an average of 0.20 percent per month or 2.4 percent annualised since November last year. The monetary Policy Committee determined the decision at meetings held this week.   According to the … [Read More...]

Trading climbs on JSE Main Market

Trading activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market ended on Wednesday with a 252 percent jump in the volume of stocks traded, valued at 233 percent more than on Tuesday, with 56 securities trading compared to 55 on Tuesday, with 18 rising, 24 declining and 14 ending unchanged. A total of 60,107,710 shares were traded for $290,707,932, up from … [Read More...]

Huge surge in JSE USD Market

Trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange US dollar market ended on Wednesday, with the volume of stocks changing hands rising 205 percent with a 40 percent lower value than on Tuesday, resulting in seven securities being traded, compared to five on Tuesday with three rising, two declining and two ending unchanged. A total of 1,034,911 shares were traded for … [Read More...]

Trading rises on Junior Market but prices fall

Trading picked up on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Wednesday, but the market value slipped after the volume of stocks traded rose 24 percent and the value 26 percent more than on Tuesday following trading in 45 securities compared with 44 on Tuesday and ended with nine rising, 24 declining and 12 closing unchanged. Investors traded … [Read More...]

Rising & declining stocks share spotlight in Trinidad & Tobago

Stocks rising and declining shared the spotlight equally on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange on Wednesday, after a big jump in the volume of stocks traded and a near doubling in Tuesday's value. The total volume surged 466 percent over the miniscule amount on Tuesday as the value climbed 89 percent, resulting in 20 securities trading similar to … [Read More...]