Wisynco spending $5B on plant expansion

Wisynco is moving to expand the production capacity during Fiscal 2023 and has deposited $600 million for new equipment, Andrew and William Mahfood advised investors in the director report accompanying the 2022 audited accounts. The expansion will cost around $5 billion and is likely to come on stream in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year, the chairman William Mahfood states in response to ICInsider.com question.  

Wisynco Group

Following a year of strong revenue growth, the company saw an acceleration of revenue growth in the final quarter of Fiscal 22 rising 30 percent over the June quarter of 2021 as it helped to deliver a 22.7 percent increase in revenues for the year to $39.1 billion from $31.8 billion of the prior year.  the rebound in the economy with the removal of restrictions and the strong rebound in tourist arrivals, a sector to which it sells around 15 percent of its products would have been positive development for the group.
The company states that “during the final quarter we encountered supply chain issues in selected key raw materials some which require special transportation equipment which impacted our production and consequently dampened our revenue levels.”
Profit before Taxation for the year was $4.9 billion or 31.4 percent more than $3.8 billion in 2021. Net profit after taxes for the year rose 31.6 percent to $4.1 billion from $3.1 billion in the prior year. Earnings per share for the year was $1.08 per share or 31.7 percent greater than the 82c per share for the prior year.
Gross profit for the year was $13.25 billion 19.2 percent greater than the prior year whilst Gross Margin was 33.9 percent compared to 34.9 percent for the 2021 fiscal year. Management cited higher energy costs resulting from downtime at the LNG plant and higher input costs on certain raw materials for the reduction in Gross Margin when compared to the prior year.
Selling and Distribution costs rose 15.4 percent over the 2021 fiscal year to $7.1 billion and Administrative expenses rose 1.5 percent for the year of $1.44 billion up from the $1.42 billion of the prior year.

Wisynco operates at two main locations situated in St. Catherine: White Marl and Lakes Pen. Manufacturing takes
place at White Marl, while Lakes Pen carries out distribution activities. Total square footage with factory, storage and
offices between the two locations is approximately 530,000 square feet.

Finance costs slipped to $149 million from $153 million in 2021 and includes foreign exchange losses for the year of approximately $34.7 million which compares to foreign exchange gains of $70 million recognized in other operating income for the prior year. Interest income improved over the prior year by approximately $108 million due to higher rates being earned on deposits.
Gross cash flow brought in $5.9 billion but growth in work in capital saw it falling to $4 billion and after repaying loans of $800 million and paying dividends of $1.5 million a net flow was just $298 million. At the end of December, shareholders’ equity stood at $17.8 billion with long term borrowings at $746 million and short term at $820 million. Current assets ended the period at $17.8 billion inclusive of trade and other receivables of $4 billion, investments, cash and bank balances of $8 billion. Current liabilities ended the period at $7.3 billion, with net current assets at $10.5 billion
Earnings per share came out at 1.08 cents for the year to date. Investors should accumulate this stock for growth in profit for 2023 and beyond.
ICInsider.com forecasts $1.75 per share for the fiscal year ending June 2023, with a PE of 10 times the current year’s earnings based on the price of $17.45 the stock traded at on the Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Market. Net asset value is $4.78 with the stock trades at 3.6 times book value.
The company paid two dividends amounting to 40 cents per share for the year representing an increase of 33.3 percent over the 30c per share for the 2021 fiscal year.

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