Wigton star attraction to watch

Wigton stock could double soon.

Wigton Windfarm is will be on a large group of local investors this week as the stock makes trading debut on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Wednesday.
While the new main market listing will most likely be the star attraction, investors who left Junior Market stocks to languish while they drove main market to several new highs as they waited for Junior Market company, 2019 first quarter results are again looking for gains in the Junior Market.
A number of the Junior Market results were strong, in fact very strong and some prices were driven up, in response. More gains are expected in the coming weeks as investors pile funds into a number of companies with limited supply of stocks for sale.
Good numbers for the 2019 first quarter came from, Derrimon Trading with revenues rising 63 percent to $3.15 billion and profit jumping 33 percent to $69 million. Elite Diagnostic with strong growth in profits for the March quarter that more than doubled the $6.7 million reported in 2018 March quarter to $16 million.  Fontana grew pretax profit by 51 percent to $30 million with earnings per share of just 2 cents will not provide the fire for much more price gains for a while.

Honey Bun doubles Q2 profit.

General Accident was mildly up but FX losses disguised the strong gains in operating results, smart investors will see this and lend support to the stock price. Honey Bun grew revenues by 15.5 percent but profit blasted off by 104 percent. Jamaican Teas second quarter profit rose 45 percent before tax to end at $65 million from $45 million in the 2018 March quarter but profit after tax rose 38 percent to $55 million from $40 million, for the six months profit after tax rose 27.5 percent from $91 million to $116 million. ISP Finance an IC Insider.com TOP 10 listing last week, saw profit rising by 75 percent to $16 million in the quarter to help lift demand for the stock and Stationery and Office Supplies that posted a 30 percent jump in profit to reach $58 million jumped in price since releasing results but could go higher after taking a break.
Caribbean Cement has fallen in price below $70 making it extremely attractive. The company’s managing director, speaks at Mayberry’s monthly forum on Wednesday and that could provide more information to fuel increased demand for the stock.

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