Where are the Main Event figures?

Three directors of Main Event, including the mentor who is responsible to ensure compliance with the JSE rules.

Main Event went to the market in January this year in its Initial Public offering. The prospectus reported figures up to September 2016, one months ahead of the year end.
The stock was listed in February but investors have not yet seen the  April quarterly report which is due by the 15th of June, not to speak of those for January quarter this year and the audited accounts for 2016, that is far too long between reports.
Players in the capital market ought to know that markets thrive on credible and timely information. In the absence of new financial data that in a normal market should be released at least for the January quarter, investors have been trading in the dark, not knowing what is happening financially.  That is not good enough.

There are not quarterly no audit accounts and no disclosure as to when these will be made available, with the March quarter results passed due from May 15.
One take the view that the Stock Exchange requires report post listing, that would require the April quarterly report only, those rules are old fashioned. the fact is that the company got the go ahead for the IPO before the end of the first quarter of 2017. All new listings should be required to file all financials, that cover the period since the last one included in the prospectus so that investors are adequately informed.
A check with the Jamaica Stock Exchange have so far not disclosed that the first report is for the April quarter which is due by mid-June. Regardless of what the JSE rules require good corporate governance suggest that the company should have released both the audited report as well as the January quarterly, nevertheless it is time the Stock Exchange change the rules in the interest of investors.

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