Watch NCB & Kremi this week

NCB Financial could be a winner this week.

The main market of the stock exchange closed the week with two of the highest daily increases in the market index ever, a clear sign that investors want stocks to buy and the supply remains very limited and putting the bulls in control.
The moves last week in the main market and since the start of August has set the stage for several stocks to be on the move this week.
The Junior Market continues to inch forward as it appears that investors are waiting on results. They should get Caribbean Cream this week and that should be a strong set of results as the company benefits from lower raw material cost compared to the first quarter when profits jumped 59 percent.
The indicators point to continued increased interest in the main market stocks with a number of them are high on the list to watch for this week. Stocks of interest this week are Grace Kennedy, Barita Investments, Berger Paints, Mayberry Jamaican Equities, NCB Financial, Wisynco, Caribbean Cream, CAC 2000, Main Event and Stationery and Office Supplies, many of these have limited supplies for sale.
With the average PE of the market now approaching a comfortable 16 times 2018 earnings, stocks valued less than the market average could see increased interest as investors look for bargains.
NCB Financial went sideways for around two weeks but bids started building close to the closing prices last week and that could help it move higher this week. Barita had a relatively strong day on Friday with 261,000 shares trading, leaving only a minute amount of 6,200 units on offer at $25.

Caribbean Cream should post big gains in profit in Q2 this week.

Grace Kennedy seems ready to break out of the $60 range as there is no big supply on offer now and during the past week, it traded as high as $75. Caribbean Cement keeps trading between $46 and $50, but there appears no real desire to move the price forward, this one could be negatively affected by foreign exchange losses in the September quarter. Kingston Wharves has always had limited supply, so it could move higher going forward, as can be seen from the big jump on Friday to $83 at 52 times 2018 earnings the valuation is rich. Supply of JMMB Group have dried up and that could create the environment for the price to continue to move higher, it is also one of the lower valued stock in the main market. Investors have gradually sucked out most of the supply of Stationery and Office Supplies, below $10 and the price could move to the $10 level during the course of the week.
An overall view of stocks indicates that the main market continues to be steered higher by an upward sloping support line as well the 45 and 125 day moving averages, lending support just below. The Junior Market that traded recently at an all-time high, is being guided by an upward rising long-term support line and a golden cross. The golden cross is a very strong bullish long-term signal.

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