Watch Barita Investments again

Barita Investments headquarters

Barita Investments rose sharply last week to close at a record high of $83 after posting blockbuster quarterly results, the price could climb higher and is still one to watch.
NCB Financial continues to create waves and seems poised to move higher over the coming months with the next quarter’s earnings due out next week. Investors are eagerly awaiting them.
Caribbean Cement failed to break higher during the past week, with results for the June quarter due out at the end of July, investors could get an incentive to buy the stock more aggressively.  Sygnus Credit Investments is coming into its own with limited supply of the stock for sale. Wisynco Group came back into the spotlight with demand pushing the price just under $20.
Fontana that continues to trade around $6, seems poised to slowly move higher as the new Kingston branch, moves closer to opening in September.

Wisynco came into inctreased buying in the past week.

Stationery and Office Supplies still has little supply offered for sale and could break over the $10 barrier at any time, especially with the June quarter ended. Elite Diagnostic with rising demand and slowing supplies seems set to bounce, having traded at $5. The company’s new branch in St Ann is slowing being built just outside of St Anns Bay at Drax Hall and may not be far from completion. Elite has more than 418,000 units on offer at $5 and that could constrain upward price movement for some time, if the selling remains during the week. Lasco Financial price bounces around $4.50. The stock is undervalued and could see increased buying interest, ahead of the June quarter results.
A number of other companies will be releasing 2019 second quarter results, between this week and mid- August that could move prices.

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