TTSE: Tuesday, 14th May 2013

Moderate Price movements

Trading volume in the main market was 1,231,545 shares valued at $7,881,995.28. Trinidad Cement traded 1,036,555 shares for a value of $984,727, followed by Scotiabank Trinidad & Tobago with a volume of 85,000 shares for $5,894,750. Angostura Holdings accounted for 55,125 shares with a value of $496,136.  14 securities of which 5 advanced, 4 declined and 5 traded firm.

Scotia Investments was the day’s largest gainer, increasing $0.15 to end the day at $1.70. Conversely, Clico Investment Fund suffered the day’s greatest loss, falling $0.05 to close at $21.04 while trading a volume of 66,564 shares valued at $1,400,198.

3 stocks traded at 52 weeks high on Tuesday while there were 5 stocks with bids above last selling price and 5 with offers below the last selling price.


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