Trading up on Junior Market

Trading in the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed on Monday with a number of stocks declining just edging out those rising and led to a small fall in the market index. At the close the volume of stocks and value of stocks traded increased compared to that on Friday.
Trading ended with 4,581,201 units valued at $21,905,678 changing hands, with the market index falling 7.65 points to close at 3,155.46. On Friday, trading closed with 3,193,325 shares changing hands valued at $14,765,053.
A total of 22 securities traded, versus 20 on Friday with 7 stocks gaining and 8 declining and trading closed with 10 stocks having bids higher than the last traded prices and 2 closing with lower offers.
The Junior Market ended trading with an average of 208,236 units for an average value of $995,713 in contrast to 159,666 units for an average value of $738,253 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 536,395 units valued at $1,905,441 compared to 552,021 units valued at $1,948,762 previously. In contrast, June closed with averages of 395,969 units valued at $1,799,200 for each security traded.
At the close of the market, stocks trading with their last traded prices are: AMG Packaging closed at $3.50 with 18,840 units changing hands, CAC 2000 traded 30 cents higher to $7 with a 32,193 shares being exchanged, Caribbean Cream had a loss of 15 cents, to close at $6.85 with a 731,500 shares trading, Caribbean Flavours closed at $12 with a 3,500 shares trading, Caribbean Producers rose 10 cent to $3.35 with a 618,208 shares traded, Consolidated Bakeries closed at $2.62 with a 15,000 shares being exchanged. C2W Music shed 1 cent to close at 39 cents with a 8,000 shares being switched, Express Catering fell 20 cents and closed at $5 with 1,302,903 shares being swapped,General Accident closed at $2.90 with a 61,215 shares traded, Honey Bun closed at $5.56 with a 2,000 shares changing hands. Iron Rock Insurance ended trading with a loss of 20 cents, at $3 with a 327,174 shares traded, ISP Finance closed at $16 with a 4,582 shares being traded, Jamaican Teas closed 25 cents higher to $4.50 with a 12,000 shares changing hands, Jetcon Corporation traded 15 cents higher, to close at $5.20 with a 442,571 units being swapped. Knutsford Express declined 5 cents, to close at $14.95 with a 5,184 shares switching owners, Lasco Distributors traded 30 cents higher to close at $6.80 with 325,195 shares changing owners,  Lasco Financial rose 40 cents in trading 79,365 units to close trading at $4.20, Lasco Manufacturing traded with a lost 47 cents, and ending at $4.33 with a 6,963 shares being transferred, Main Event declined by 10 cents to close with 34,541 shares trading, to close at $5.50. Medical Disposables closed 45 cents higher at $5.95 with a 5,000 shares traded, Paramount Trading lost 49 cents to close at $2.50 with a 537,401 shares changing hands after the company posted a sharp fall in profits for the year to May and tTech lost 6 cents and closed at $9 with 7,866 shares trading.

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