100th listing coming for JSE

The Jamaica Stock Exchange is set to continue to grow with an increase in listings continuing with more than 100 listings being achieved in 2018 for the very first time.
More trading activity is expected in the future as a result of new listings, and the impact of the fall in interest rates will have, on trading activities. The exchange now has 92 listings, with a few duplicated ones, in the main market and US dollar market will see and there could be four on the exchange suggest before the year ends with three of them regarded as definite. Brokers say they are working on 8 new ones for 2018 currently, Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange advised IC Insider.com.
The three are expected to be GWest, a medical complex out of Montego Bay, that is expected to raise over $400 million, the company’s income will come from a combination of rent, from the major part of the complex and fees from operating a small short term medical facility. The complex currently has a number of blue chip clients as tenants. Wisynco Group is looking to raise for itself $1 billion but some of its current shareholders wanting to cash out. Information suggests that shares are to be offered to a wide array of persons including the 700 staff members as well as a large number of customers hence the shares from the IPO could be pretty scarce. FosRich Group of Companies. Caribbean Insurance Brokers that is being handled by Mayberry Investments, is the fourth possible 2017 listings. Mayberry Investments has been working on Neveast Supplies but this seems to be a 2018 listing.

GWest complex in Montego Bay, its IPO is expected soon.

Others that should see their ordinary shares listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange include, Jamaica Plumbing and Supplies, the government’s owned Wighton Wind Farms, Jamaica Public Service Company, with the government wanting to dispose of its share in the power company, KIW International that has taken the decision to have the shares relisted, in preparation for this the company approved at its recently held annual general meeting, a 15 for 1 stock bonus to bring the issued ordinary share capital to just over $50 million. UCC Online, a segment of University College of the Caribbean was expected to have gone to the market this year but have been ironing out issues to facilitate the initial public offering, they could be ready in 2018 and Sygnus Capital Investments should list in the first quarter of 2018, probably by February, on the main market of the stock exchange. Sygnus is a relatively new company, established to undertake loans or make medium term investments in medium size businesses. The company which is registered in St Lucia will be managed by Sygnus Capital Management, a Cayman Island based corporation. The company raised US$15 million in capital and is aiming for another $5 million when they come to market, which could be as early as January next year. According to our source they have so far lent out US$11 million and generated a higher rate of return that originally expected. The company has a good stream of potential users of its funds.

Big gains for 2016 IPOS

I$P Finance is up 1,100% since listing in March 2016 but hit an all time high of $35 earlier this year to be up 1,650% at that time.

Initial Public listings have been very popular in the Jamaican stock market. Most of them enjoyed strong gains within a few years of issue.
Investors have bought heavily into most of the issues resulting in most closing on the first day of the issue.
No doubt investors will be avidly awaiting issues to come in the second half of this year. Expecting this week is Productivity Business Solution IPO should be available of subscription in the first week of July and Express Catering should be coming pretty soon as well.
A series of others should be following later in 2017 and in 2018 with Stationery and Supplies expected to follow shortly after the above two, as they iron out a few issues before coming to market, while UCC Online still has issues to resolve. Others that have been recently mentioned publicly and a few that have not yet made public statements, should add to the excitement when they do make it and swell the choices available in the market for ongoing investment.
How have recent IPOS done since listing? Stocks sold to the publish and listed since the start of 2016 had mixed fortunes, with startup entities delivering little gains with one trading lower than the IPO price but four have gained 200 percent or more including one with more than 1,000 percent, one rising 64 percent and one with 34 percent, up to last Friday.
Little known micro finance company, ISP Finance gained a stunning 1,100 percent, since listing in March 2016. Pre-owned car dealer, Jetcon Corporation is up with gains of 687 percent since March last year with information technology, company tTech coming in with gains of 220 percent.
Portland JSX Fund lost 18 percent, while start up general insurance company, Iron Rock is up just 7 percent. All stocks traded at higher prices than the closing ones on Friday.

A unique listing could be your next IPO

UCC LogoThere is no listing even close to the next likely listing slated after Main Event comes to market, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. It has no walls, no buildings, no one place of business, no borders, yet it could be a most profitable venture for investors.
Mayberry Investments, the broker bringing the Main Event IPO to market seems set to be the broker bringing this unique listing to the market by January as the Jamaica Stock Exchange opens up to some never before thought of companies that can be listed.
The junior market started off with a most unique company, Access Financial in 2010. That it was a financial entity was not unique, but lending to the lower end of the market was seen by many as a sure way to give away capital and making good Profit was unique at least to stock market investors. The IPO was greeted by howls of outcry of the rape that the promoters were inflicting on the investing public. History has proven the naysayers wrong and that first listing set the stage for one of the most successful ventures that the local stock exchange has pursued.
Jetcon, a used car dealer, caused the eyes of many to pop in bewilderment as they never conceived that such a venture could interest investors much less prosper. Main Event can be considered unique but the next listing lined up, is so different from the others, that it is bound to cause investors to wonder and ponder about it for a long time.

Gary Peart of Mayberry, the lead man for the IPOs Mayberry handles.

Gary Peart of Mayberry, the lead man for the IPOs Mayberry handles.

UCC Online is the online segment of University College of the Caribbean which will be hived off into a separate company to be listed on the junior market. IC Insider’s sources indicate that the IPO could be in January, subject to a few matters being ironed out for the issue. The income for the year is said to be in the order of $50 million with very high profit margin, with growth in income said to be in double digits.
Since 2010, UCC has extended the opportunities for students in Jamaica and the Caribbean to experience a higher education through its online accredited degree programmes.
The prospectus is at an advanced stage with a few matters to be sorted out IC Insider source stated.