All Jamaica trades at new intraday record

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange traded at a new record territory on Wednesday morning within 3 minutes of opening and went on to yet a higher level at 5 minutes later.
The Main market which has slipped back slightly since to be at 377,639.34 for the All Jamaica Composite Index for a gain over Tuesday’s close of 376,930.26. The All Jamaica Composite Index traded with a gain of 1,728.19 points to 378,658.45 and then went on to 378,793.40. The JSE Index rose 1,574.58 points to a record 345,000.67 and then went further to 345,123.62 for a total gain of 1,697.53.
The Junior Market Index slipped 33.18 points to 3,335.94 Derrimon Trading pulled back to $2.75 from $3 and Paramount Trading fell to $2.60 from $2.75 from the close on Tuesday.

Derrimon buying Woodcats International

Staff at Derrimon Trading.

Derrimon Trading signed an agreement to buy Woodcats International with the transaction set to close within thirty days.
Woodcats was founded in 1999 by Christopher Collings and reached of $450 million in the 2017 financial year. products include: export pallets, warehouse pallets, wooden crates, sawdust, and landscaping mulch with in heat treatment and pallet repair.
Revenues for the Derrimon Trading first quarter March this year, climbed 27 percent to $1.94 billion above the $1.53 billion reported for the 2017 quarter and led to a big hike in profit.
The company reported a strong 45 percent jump in its first quarter results, from $35 million to $52 million or 21 cents per share to March this year, but profit could have been even higher had they not incurred finance cost which jumped 56 percent to $38 million from $25 million in 2017.
Derrimon stock traded 236,050 as high as $25 on Friday on the Jamaican Stock Exchange but ended at a record close of $24 to be up 243 percent for the year. The company is expected to approve a  stock split of 10 to 1 at their upcoming annual general meeting slated for August 22.

Junior Market in sharp jump – Thursday

The Junior Market Index almost erased the sharp fall on Wednesday by rising 39.95 points on Thursday to close at 2,951.81 trading on 17 securities down from 21 on Wednesday.
The market closed with an exchange of 3,527,982 units valued at $15,057,338 compared to 4,267,590 units valued at $17,190,562 on Wednesday.
At the close of market activities, the prices of 11 securities advanced, 3 declined and 3 remained unchanged and Stationery and Office closed at a new high of $9.02 after trading at an intraday high of $10.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 4 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 3 with lower offers.
Market activity ended with an average of 207,528 units for an average of $885,726 in contrast to 203,219 units for an average of $818,598 on Wednesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 127,177 units with an average value of $576,852 and previously 122,282 units with an average value of $558,032. April closed with an average of 121,622 units at $506,803, for each security traded.
At the close of the market, with 36,784 units, Cargo Handlers settled with a loss of 8 cents at $9.76, in exchanging 4,154 shares, Caribbean Producers finished trading 26 cents higher at $5.55, with 6,500 units, Consolidated Bakeries closed with a loss of 1 cent at $1.89, after trading 10,000 shares, Derrimon Trading concluded trading 3 cents higher at $9.53, with 5,000 shares, Dolphin Cove rose 50 cents to $15, with 4,683 stock units. Elite Diagnostic settled with a loss of 5 cents at $3.20, with 36,784 units, Express Catering jumped 42 cents to $6.05, with 4,350 shares trading, FosRich Group rose 4 cents to end at $2.39, with 31,010 shares, GWest Corporation closed trading at $2.30, with 13,000 units. Honey Bun concluded trading 1 cent higher at $4.70, with 30,356 shares, Jetcon Corporation traded at $4.20, with 40,233 units, KLE Group closed at $2.80, with 1,500 shares, Lasco Distributors concluded trading after rising 39 cents to $4.44, with 308,020 stock units. Lasco Financial finished 24 cents higher at $5.64, with 24,040 units, Lasco Manufacturing settled 15 cents higher at $4.20, with 2,944,659 shares, Main Event gained 3 cents in closing at $6.98, with 5,143 shares and Stationery and Office closed 2 cents higher at $9.02, with 58,550 units changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.