Treasury bill rate almost steady at 1.71%

Interest rates essentially remained stable based on the latest Treasury bill auction that took place at Bank of Jamaica. The moved but was just modestly higher with a few basis points increase.
Applications were opened on Wednesday, at the Bank of Jamaica for $700 million Government of Jamaica Treasury Bills dated Friday, September 14, with maturity on Friday, December 14, 2018 for a 91 days duration. The Average Yield came out at 1.7093 percent with partial allotment at 2 percent. The offer attracted bids of $932,026,500. The latest T-bill rate comes against the back ground on the central holding their overnight policy rate at 2 percent.
At the auction in August, the 91 days Treasury bill cleared at an average of 1.694 percent with partial allotment at 1.756 percent. At that auction $1.863 billion chased after the $700,000 on offer. The 182 days instrument ended with an average rate of 1.878 percent with $2.53 billion going after the $700,000 in August.

Investors push interest rate to 1.74%

Liquidity remains high, in the Jamaican financial market with investors driving the average to 1.74 percent on Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) 30 days certificate of deposit earlier this week, as demand of $24 billion chased $8.5 billion on offer.
In mid -July, more than $50 billion in government bonds expired with interest, but government took up less than $15 billion in new bonds, as it paid back the bonds in cash, using a large draw down from funds held at Bank of Jamaica by Public sector entities, amounting to $50 billion.
At the end of June, Public sector entities deposit at BOJ was $97 billion but fell to $46 billion after the payout of the bond. The payout added to the high level of liquidity in the market that helped drive interest rates down to 2 percent at the mid-July Treasury bill Auction.
On Tuesday, July 31, applications were received by BOJ for $8.5 billion BOJ 3 percent Certificate of deposit through a competitive price auction. The issue attracted 61 bids amounting to $24 billion, only 41 bids were successful, with the average yield of 1.74 percent. The lowest submitted rate was 1.39999 percent for $40 million and the highest was 6 percent for $40 million. The highest rate for full allocation was 1.83 percent in the amount of $100 million.
The average rate is below BOJ’s overnight rate of 2 percent and the last 91 days Treasury bill rate of 1.95963 percent.

Treasury bill rates plunged

Treasury bill rates plunged at the latest auction to raise $1.4 billion for Government of Jamaica held today.
At the latest Treasury bill auction the rate on the 91 days bill declined by just over 58 basis points to just 1.9596 from to 2.544 percent at the June auction, while the 182 days instrument average rate dipped 65 basis points to 2.07 percent from 2.656 percent from the June Auction. The two offerings of $700 million each attracted a total of just over $6.2 billion up from $5.3 billion in June, an indication of continued high liquidity in the market. The latest fall in rate follows a recent 50 basis point drop in Bank of Jamaica’s (BOJ) overnight rate to 2 percent and is almost certain to trigger another cut in the BOJ overnight rate.
The continued fall in rates comes against the back ground of negative inflation of 0.3 percent for the first half of the year. The sharp fall in rates is bound to be reflected in increased demand for stocks and real estate going forward as investors seek higher returns on their investments. Technical indicators point to a big break out for local stocks starting in August and the recent fall in rates will be a critical fuel for it.

More fall in Treasury bill rates

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Government of Jamaica Treasury bill sample

Treasury bill rates declined again at the latest auction for $1.4 billion offered by Government of Jamaica on Wednesday.
At the latest Treasury bill auction, the average rate on the 91 days bill declined to 2.544 percent from 2.71 percent at the May auction, while the 182 days instrument average rate dipped to an average of 2.656 percent from 2.83 percent for May. The two offerings of $700 million each, attracted a total of just over $5.3 billion, an indication of continued high liquidity in the market.
The continued fall in rates comes against the back ground of negative inflation of 0.6 percent up to April, including deflation of 0.40 percent in April.

Stocks shrug off interest rate rise

Ja inf-stks 11-16.The latest issue of Treasury bill offerings saw the 182 instrument climbing 40 basis points to 6.2 percent while the 91 days T-bill rose marginally to virtually hold at 5.70 percent just a tad above the average in October.
The 28 day T-bill slipped from 5.78 percent to 5.70 percent. At the same time the main market All Jamaica Composite index continues to climb with some companies posting good increased profits.
The rise in the 192 days instrument comes against the back drop of stability in the exchange rate for November to date, very low inflation that seems headed to around than 2 percent for 2016. The change in rates also comes against the change in Bank of Jamaica policy to offer Certificate of Deposits daily to the market to bid on.

Interest rates drop

Interest rates payable on the latest round of Treasury bill instrument offered by the Government of Jamaica, declined but the 28 days instrument plummeted by 50 basis points to 5.54 percent from 6.04 percent out come at the January auction.
TBill 02-16The 182 days instrument fell by 21 basis points to 5.73 percent but the 91 days instrument climbed back above the 6 percent mark to end at 6 percent, up from 5.94 percent in January.
Treasury bill Interest rates are coming from a high of 9.11 percent on the 182 days instrument, in March 2014 and has been falling since. The latest rates are the lowest since the early 1980s.
The issues were for a total of $400 million each, with the 28 days instrument attracting $569,799,800, the 91 days one pulling in only $418,580,000 and the 182 days instrument attracting $671,724,700.

21% fall in Treasury bill rates in a year

Treasury bill rates are continue to decline with the latest ones falling ones continuing the trend once more. Rates are down 20.6 percent on the 182 days Treasury bill notes since September last year or 165 basis points.
Rates on the latest issues of Treasury bill that were on offer on Wednesday September 16th, continued a slow decent since the start of 2015 but a much steeper decline form March last year. Tbill mnt 16-9-15The two offerings for $400m each attracted bids for $721.8 million for the 91 days instrument and $786 million for the 182 days instrument, down from over $940 million each in August.
The 91 days instrument cleared at an average of 6.2 percent down from 6.352 percent at the August auction, with bids between 5.99 percent, to 6.3 percent being fully accepted. The 182 days yielded an average 6.35 percent down from August’s average of 6.49 percent. Bids between 6.2 to 6.4 percent, were fully allotted. Earlier, at the September 9th auction, the 28 days Treasury bill average rate came out at 6.228 percent after $707 million chased $400 million on offer.
The declines for the September issues come against the back ground of Bank of Jamaica cutting by 0.25 percent, its 30 days CD rates in August to 5.25 percent.

Interest rates slip slightly

The lastest issue of Treasury bills saw a slight slippage in the rates investors will be getting from the government over the next three to six months.
Tbill cht 20-5-15The 6 months issue of Treasury bills maturing in November this year attracted $656.586 million and yielding an average of 6.714 percent, compared with 6.787 percent in April. The the 3 months’ bills are yeilding 6.568 percent versus 6.61 percent in April, the latter auction attracted bids of $655,977,500. Both issues offered bills of $400 million each.
Rates have been sliding on Treasury bills since March last year, there was a slight uptick in the rate out turn at the February auction. The pace of decline of the rates seems to have slowed, in this auction compared with earlier declines. Bank of Jamaica will probably have to lower CD rates to induce a faster decline with inflation for the year still subdued.

Treasury-bill rates up

Interest rates on government of Jamaica latest Treasury bills auction rose for the first time since peaking in March last year. The three offerings at the February 20 auctions, resulted in a rise in rates for the 28 days and the 182 days notes, while the rate on the 91 days Treasury bill declined moderately.
TB -2-15The 182 days note closed at 7.164 percent, an increase from 6.99 percent at the January auction. The rate for the 91 days Treasury bills fell to 6.8796 percent, slightly down from of 6.8817 percent in January, while the rate on the 28 days ended at 6.417 percent up, from 6.295 percent at the January auction.
The change in the movement is consistent with the slowing pace of change at which the 182 days treasury rates were falling, having slowed from 0.34 percent dip in November to 0.15 percent at the January issue.
With Bank of Jamaica’s projection for inflation in 2015, in the range of 3-5 percent and with inflation for January coming in at negative 0.5 percent, its unlikely that the latest increase in the rates will last for too long, as there will be lots of room for the treasury rates to decline sharply in the months ahead.
All three instruments offered, were for $400 million each, with demand for the 28 days instrument amounting to $690 million versus $1.15 billion in January. The 91 days instrument attracted $1.298 billion up from $706 million in January and the 182 days instrument pulled in $822 million up from $717 million at the January auction.

Treasury rates at 18 months low

MOFThe latest results for Treasury bill auctions, show a decline in the interest rates on all three instruments offered to the public. Importantly, the 182 days note fell to the lowest level, since June 2013, when the rate was 7.12 percent.
At the latest auction dated December 19, 2014, the average rate on 28 days instrument, ended at 6.38 percent. The rate fell from sharply, from 6.71 percent in November and 6.826 percent in October as $686 million chased the $400 million on offer.
Investors, demand for the 91 days Treasury bills offered, continued to climb, dropped to only $531 million from to $1.042 billion for the November auction. Demand for the longer-term 182 days instrument, was for $942 million for the latest auction in which the amounts available was $400 million for all three Treasury bills on offer.
The Treasury bill for the 91 days period, Friday, December 19 to mature on Friday, March 20 next year, attracted an average yield of 6.956 percent a moderate fall from November’s 7.052 percent, and 7.336 percent in October and 7.46952 percent, at the September auction. At the August auction the average rate out turn was 7.46767 percent. The yield for July was an average of 7.63643 percent, for the June issue 7.65893 percent and 8.2 percent in May, for the Treasury bill of same duration.
Tbill 12-14The offer of 182 days duration, maturing on June 19, 2015, attracted $925 million for the $400 million on offer resulting in an average interest rate yield of 7.14 percent, down from 7.387 percent at the November’s auction. At the October auction the average rate declined to 7.73187 percent from 7.99887 percent, at the September auction, 8.11578 percent, in August, 8.21982 percent at the July’s auction and 8.36502 percent for the June issue, of the same duration. At the May auction, the rate came out at 8.932 percent.