Surge in profit at Wisynco

The Jamaica stock exchange listed drinks company Wisynco chalked up record revenues for the September quarter, with a solid increase of 29.8 percent to $11.9 billion above the $9.2 billion reported in September 2021, that led to a substantial gain in profit.

Wisynco headquarters.

The healthy revenue performance delivered a 34.7 percent rise in profit of $1.7 billion before taxation, compared to $1.3 billion in 2021. After provision for taxes of $431 million in the quarter compared with $316 million in 2021, profit attributable to Stockholders climbed to $1.3 billion, up 34.1 percent from $967 million earned in the prior year. The strong performance resulted in earnings of 35 cents per share for the 2022 quarter versus 26 cents in 2021.
“We are encouraged by the increased demand for our products in all channels, including exports which were up 10 percent over the same quarter of the prior year. The supply chain challenges continued into this quarter however we are seeing improvements,” the Mahfood brothers stated in the report to shareholders.
Gross Profit for the quarter of $4.3 billion was 31.8 percent more than the $3.3 billion achieved in the same quarter of the previous year. The Gross Margin ended up at 36.2 percent, slightly higher than the 35.6 percent for the corresponding quarter in the prior year. The results include an exchange loss of $126 million and a $59 million loss for the last year’s comparative quarter.
Selling and Distribution expenses rose 29 percent to $2.1 billion from $1.65 billion in the 2021 quarter, while Administrative expenses climbed 20 percent to $455 million from $379 million in 2021. Finance cost jumped to $150 million from $86 million in 2021.
According to the Mahfood brothers, “inflationary increases and variable expenses, which increase with Revenues, are the primary reasons for the expenditure growth however these increases are at a slower rate when compared to the rate of growth in Revenues.”
“Our Balance Sheet remains strong with a current ratio of 2.8 (same as last year’s quarter). Inventories remain higher than the prior year, although slightly lower than at June 30, as we continue to maintain higher amounts of key materials due to supply chain challenges. “
“We expect some normalization of inventories going into Q2 and Q3 as we utilize the inventories on-hand and we are seeing less congestion at global ports and freight rates improving,” the report further stated.

Wata one of Wisynco best known brands

Cash Flow generated inflows of $1.9 billion, after working capital needs and payment of taxation and capital and investment activities plus paying $751 in dividends, there was a net outflow of $1.4 billion. Importantly, $349 million was expended on the purchase of property plant and equipment with longer term investment absorbing $1.4 billion.
Shareholders’ equity of $19 billion up from $17.8 billion at the end of June 2022. Long term borrowing is down to just $920 million. Current portion of loan to be repaid over the next twelve months at $920 million, bringing the total amount of borrowed funds to $1.84 billion. Current liabilities amount to $6 billion and current assets at $17.2 billion resulting in net current assets of $11 billion that includes cash and equivalent of $7.6 billion. The group also has investment securities amounting to $1.7 billion. projects $2 for the full year giving it a PE of 9 at a stock price of $18 it traded on Tuesday on the Main Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange with earnings of $2.85 per share for the fiscal year 2024, making it a solid buy for long term gains.

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