Stationery & Office at record close – Monday

SOS ended at a record close on Monday & poised to go higher.

Stationery and Office (SOS) ended trading at a record closing high of $6 on Monday, even as Investors cut the prices of the majority of Junior Market stocks.
SOS price hit $6 for the second time since listing in August last year but it is the first time that it closed at the high. The stock has broken out of a narrow trading channel that is was in since November last year. New resistance is just above the latest closing price. The move higher was greeted by aggressive buying shortly after the market opened on Monday and ended with a bid at $6.
At the close of market activities, 24 securities changed hands compared 19 securities changing hands on Friday leading to declines in the prices of 15 and gains in only 4, while 5 remained unchanged. The Junior Market Index dropped 49.71 points to close at 2,905.95. Trading ended with an exchange of 1,793,298 units valued at $7,093,168 compared with 1,167,347 units valued at $4,190,359.
Market activity ended with an average of 74,721 units for an average of $295,549 compared to an average of 61,439 units for an average of $220,545 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 147,346 units at $595,413 compared to 156,870 units at $634,740 on the prior trading day. March closed with an average of 149,999 units valued at $623,819, for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows just 7 stocks ending with bids higher than the last selling prices and 5 with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Caribbean Cream ended trading with a loss of 15 cents at $5.80, with 8,400 shares, Caribbean Flavours traded with a loss of 50 cents at $11, with 9,100 stock units, Caribbean Producers finished trading with a loss of 50 cents at $5, with 137,779 units, Consolidated Bakeries closed with a loss of 5 cents at $1.95, with 19,158 shares, Derrimon Trading concluded trading 7 cents higher at $9, with 9,343 shares. Elite Diagnostic settled 4 cents higher at $3.43, with 303,573 units, Eppley ended trading with a loss of 9 cents at $9.51, with 288 shares, Express Catering traded at $5.30, with 2,639 shares, FosRich Group finished trading at $2.40, with 11,040 shares. General Accident closed with a loss of 5 cents at $2.95, with 229,895 stock units, GWest Corporation ended with a loss of 59 cents at $2.50, with 179,700 units, Honey Bun concluded trading with a loss of 35 cents at $4.40, with 6,500 shares, Iron Rock finished at $3, with 109,700 shares. Jamaican Teas ended trading with a loss of 16 cents at $5, with 750 stock units, Jetcon Corporation traded at $4.15, with 18,938 units, KLE Group closed with a loss of 5 cents at $2.45, with 11,500 shares, Knutsford Express ended with a loss of 1.52 cents at $12.48, with 850 shares. Lasco Distributors concluded trading $4.02 higher at $4.02, with 160,040 stock units, Lasco Financial finished with a loss of 2 cents at $5.28, with 8,970 units, Lasco Manufacturing settled with a loss of 1 cent at $3.99, with 271,118 shares, Main Event ended trading with a loss of 4 cents at $6, with 14,067 shares. Medical Disposables traded at $5.10, with 7,400 shares, Stationery and Office closed 48 cents to a record closing high of $6, with 267,550 units and tTech concluded trading 5 cents higher at $5.80, with 5,000 shares changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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