Sharp resigns from Scotia

Jackie Sharp has resigned from Scotia Group word reaching IC has confirmed.
Sharp who took over from Bruce Bowen in 2013 handed in her resignation today the sources said. the resignation brings to her employment to the group to 20 years.
Sharp initially joined the group in the Insurance segment and rose to top slot in that company before becoming the chief finance person within the group based on what insiders say was her outstanding achievement in the Insurance arm.
Her replacement is David Noel a Jamaican who was seconded to Canada some years ago and was sent off to Barbados to head that operation of the group ahead of higher position whenever that arose. In 2016, he moved back to Jamaica as Sharp’s second in command.
Bank of Nova Scotia, a subsidiary of Scotia Group is Jamaica’s second largest commercial bank in Jamaica.
The change comes at a time when Scotia Group’s profits are at the highest levels in the history of the group with the shares trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange at record levels and the price closing at an all-time high of $55 on Tuesday.
The change comes at an interesting time, with the Jamaican economy expected to move into a stronger growth period in the years ahead. Inflation and interest rates are expected to remain low, while growth in a number of sectors is expected to pick up. Increased activities in areas such as tourism, certain agricultural items, example poultry, dairy farming, business outsourcing (BPO) and construction should provide a basis for increased banking activity from which Scotia should be able to benefit from.

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