Seprod distributing cash and kind

The Jamaica Stock Exchange-listed Seprod Limited will be paying shares a dividend split between cash and shares in Eppley Caribbean Property Fund in October.  
The Board of Directors of Seprod decided at a meeting held on September 17 at which an interim dividend on the capital of the Company will be payable on October 19, to Shareholders on record on September 30. The ex-dividend date is September 29, 2020. The dividend will comprise Cash of 30 cents per share. In addition, 15,447,465 shares recently purchased in the Eppley Caribbean Property Fund – Value Fund will also be distributed at a ratio of 0.02171 CPFV Shares for every Seprod share held. The Company last paid a dividend of fifty cents per share on January 31 this year.
Seprod shareholders owning less than 20,000 shares will receive cash instead of CPFV Shares in proportion to their holdings. Cash payments in place of CPFV Shares will be based on the closing price of CPFV Shares on the Jamaica Stock Exchange on September 17, 2020, of $57.48.
On September 8, Eppley Caribbean Property Fund – Value Fund advised the JSE that they completed the acquisition of 105-107 Marcus Garvey Drive, a 3.4-acre parcel of land located in New Port West containing two buildings, including a cold storage facility, totaling over 86,000 square feet. ECPF’s acquisition was structured to have the effect of purchasing the property using 15,447,465 newly issued shares as consideration at a price equivalent to its NAV per share. The property is fully tenanted.
The move will broaden the number of shareholders in the Eppley Caribbean Property Fund but will most likely increase the supply on the market as several investors try to offload the stock they get.

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