Scotiabank set for more fall on TTSE

Scotiabanklogobuilding280x150Scotiabank did not trade on Tuesday but seems set for a big drop when next it trades, unless someone intervenes at a higher price than the last. The stock closed with an offer to sell 280 shares at $66.99 well off the last selling price of $68.37.
The bank’s stock has been weak since they reported lower half year results, at the end of May.
Trading on the Trinidad stock market resulted in 13 securities changing hands of which 2 advanced, 3 declined and 8 traded firm, with 771,780 shares changing hands, with a value of $6,307,843.
The Composite Index rose 0.11 points to close at 1,164.86, the All T&T Index advanced by 0.48 points to close at 2,009.39 and the Cross Listed Index fell 0.03 points to 41.94.
Gains| Stocks increasing in price at the close are, First Citizens with 6,442 units and gained 8 cents to close at $35.40 and Unilever Caribbean gained 19 cents to end the day at $62.75 while trading just 25 shares, for a new 52 weeks high.TTSE sum 22-7-14
Declines| The stocks declining at the end of trading, are Clico Investment Fund with 58,100 shares valued at $1,260,075, the price fell by 1 cent to end at $21.68, Readymix (West Indies) lost 33 cents to close at $19 a new 52 weeks low, with only 50 units trading and Sagicor Financial that saw 15,299 shares changing hands, the price fell 4 cents to $6.70.
Firm Trades| Stocks closing with prices unchanged at the end of trading, are Ansa Mcal with 224 shares, closed at $66.30, Firstcaribbean International Bank contributed 24,121 shares with a value of $120,605, to close at $5, Guardian Holdings with 257,302 shares traded for $3,705,149, closed at $14.40, Massy Group traded 1,894 units to close at $69.40, National Enterprises with 15,355 units, ended at $18.24, National Flour Mills with 367,432 shares changing hands for a value of $367,432, closed at $1, followed by while Point Lisas Industrial Port Development that added 20,536 shares valued at $85,224, and closed at $4.15, Trinidad Cement traded 5,000 units to close at $1.95
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator had 3 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 2 stocks with offers that were lower.

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