Profit climbs at Lasco Manufacturing

Profit rose 23 percent at Lasco Manufacturing for the three months to September to $469 million from $380 million in 2021 and 13 percent from $782 million in the six months to September 2021 to $883 million in 2022.
Gross profit margin fell in the first quarter to just 34 percent but rebounded to 37 percent in the second quarter to September this year, similar to what obtained in 2021 and brought the year to date margin to 36 percent compared to 37 percent the previous year, suggesting the company has now restored the margins to 2020 levels.
Revenues rose 22.6 percent in the quarter to $2.87 billion from $2.33 billion in 2021 and up 17.5 percent for the six months to $5.47 billion from $4.66 billion. Gross profit rose 18.4 percent to $1.07 billion in the quarter, from $870 million in 2021 and climbed 15.3 percent to $1.97 billion for the six months compared to $1.71 billion in 2021.
Operating expenses rose 18.5 percent to $378 million in the 2022 September quarter versus $319 million in the comparable quarter in 2021. They increased 10.75 percent to $690 million for the six months to September 2022 versus $623 million last year.
Finance cost fell to $7 million in the September quarter versus $13 million in the three months in 2021 and $15 million to the half year to September versus $29 million in the prior year, with taxation jumping to $210 million in the quarter versus $173 million in 2021 and to $361 million in the half year to September 2022 versus $327 million last year.

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Cash Flow generated inflows of $1.38 billion to September. Dividend absorbed $413 million and loan repayment $109 million while working capital took up $720 and $436 million went into short term investments and purchase of fixed assets, resulting in net outflows of $312 million.
Shareholders’ equity of $9.9 billion, up from $8.4 billion at the end of 2021. Long term borrowing is down to just $48 million, with the current portion due to be repaid over the next twelve months being $207 million, other current liabilities amount to $1.5 billion, leading to net existing assets of $5.8 billion after taking into account current assets of $7.5 billion that includes cash and equivalent of $2.9 billion.
Earnings per share was 11 cents for the quarter and 21 cents for the half year, with projecting 60 cents for the entire year, giving it a PE of 6.5 at the stock price of $3.85 it closed at on Friday on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and earnings of 80 cents per shares for the fiscal year 2024 that could see the stock hitting $15 by then.
According to executive chairman Lascelles Chin, the outlook is that they “remain cautiously optimistic for continued growth in the forthcoming quarters as we have seen an easing of supply chain bottlenecks and material cost inflation seems to have stabilized. With the ongoing geopolitical conflict in Europe, headwinds are, however, possible. Whatever may arise, we will remain focused and proactive in executing our business plan to deliver growth and margin progression.”

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