Paramount in Top 5 stocks to avoid

Paramount Trading is selling at a PE of 17 & is now in the TOP stocks to avoid for now.

Paramount Trading is selling at a PE of 17 & is now in the TOP stocks to avoid for now.

In a market that has stocks selling well below those with the highest valuation currently, based on 2016 earnings, investors should be focusing on stocks with lower valuations and avoid for now, the more pricy ones.
In certain cases it is not that some of the highest valued stocks will not perform well going forward. This may not be the time to buy them, as they are likely to underperform the overall market. A look at the performance of the TOP 5, reflects the situation very well.
Paramount Trading that has now entered the list to avoid, is the sole change, with Key Insurance moving out with recovery in profits in the September quarter. Paramount is the IC Insider’s TOP 5 best performer, rising with a gain of 181 percent since it entered the TOP list in September. Others to score big are, Access Financial Services with gains of 63 percent, Derrimon Trading up 58 percent, General Accident 50 percent followed by Jetcon with gains of 49 percent. Top 5 to avd 18-11-16In the main market Barita Investments is up 45 percent JMMB Group is up 38 percent and National Commercial Bank rose 27 percent. The stocks in the list to avoid have hardly moved in contrast to the TOP 5 selections with the best gain being 38 percent with the next best being Kingston Wharves with 7 percent.
With expansion plans, Honey Bun and Paramount could enjoy a good 2017, the stocks of the companies may take some time to really pay off, if bought now. With Honey Bun into its new fiscal year, first quarter results due by February 2017, could be strong and therefore be a fuel for higher price. Investors should keep their eyes on 2017 as the current year winds to a close and next year having much opportunities for profitable investment, and what may appear pricey now could be attractive in 2017 as companies enjoy more growth.

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