New record close for JSE – Friday

Stocks closed at a new record high on the Jamaica Stock Exchange main market on Friday.
Within 95 minutes of trading in the morning session the market was trading in intraday record territory, with the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index climbing by 3,266.33 points to territory of 328,244.31 and the JSE Index jumping 2,976.00 points to 299,067.67. By the close of trading, the market failed to hold on to the big early gains, leaving the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index increasing by a more modest 1,200.80 points to a record close of 326,178.78 and the JSE Index advancing by 1,094.07 points, to a record close 297,185.74.

Kingston Wharves jumped $5 to a record close on Friday.

At the close, the indices just edged out the record close of 326,087.70 on JSE All Jamaican Composite Index on April 6 and 297,102.76 for the JSE Index.
At the close, 26 securities traded, compared to 25 on Thursday and ended with the prices of 9 stocks rising, 9 falling and 8 trading firm, in the main and US dollar markets. There was no trading in the US dollar market on Friday.
At the close of trading, Kingston Wharves rose $5 to be the major mover for the day and ended at a record high of $50, Jamaica Producers ended up 90 cents to $16, Sagicor Real Estate Fund lost 99 cents to $14.01, Scotia Group dropped $1.84 to $50.16 and Seprod lost 99 cents to $33.01.
Main market activity ended with 6,877,671 units valued at $68,979,399 compared to 2,507,681 units valued at $38,468,870 on Thursday. At the close of trading only two securities traded more than 300,000 units as Ciboney Group closed with 3,042,400 units changing hands, accounting for 44.24 percent of the volume traded and Jamaica Producers took 28.5 percent of the day’s volume with 1,958,288 units.
Trading resulted in an average of 264,526 shares valued at $2,653,054, for each security traded, compared to 108,162 shares valued at $1,672,560 on Thursday. The average for the month to date is 807,049 shares with a value of $4,437,293 and previously 846,561 shares with a value of $4,577,870. In contrast, March closed with an average of 626,526 units with an average value at $20,492,207 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 6 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 with a lower offers.
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