New IPO set for mid-April

Investors in Jamaica will get another opportunity to vote come mid April, on the merits of a new public share offer.
IC has confirmed that Everything Fresh is set to issue their prospectus around the middle of April. Brokers for the issue is stocks and Securities. The company imports and distributes products including diary, seafood and meats with the hotel sector a major customers. The business operates from 78 Marcus Garvey Drive, but he hopes to acquire additional premises, to be financed from the initial public offering (IPO) of shares, the chairman Gregory Pullen was quoted as saying in 2017.
“You have to expand the warehouse after a while, and I see us getting a bigger place for storage, but I don’t believe in these super-huge warehouses where you store goods forever,” he said,” Pullen was reported as saying last year.
The company has a large nine-member board chaired by Gregory Pullen, Courtney Pullen, Melene Pullen, Garret Gardener, Nesha Carby, financier Mark Croskery, ex-banker Donovan Perkins, attorney-at-law Vivette Miller and Chartered Accountant Jennifer Lewis.
Everything Fresh seems set to be the second initial Public offer to hit the market in 2018, and is one of about nine that is expected to go public this year. Sygnus Credit is expected to come to market within weeks having sent the prospectus to the authorities for vetting in February.

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