New high for All Jamaica

NCB Financial climbed to $99 seconds after trading opened on Friday while trading just 460 shares and helped to push the main market into record territory.
The All Jamaican Composite Index climbed 1,082.40 points to a record 340,315.50 with the JSE Index rising 986.19 points to a record 310,065.85. in moderate early market activity. The Junior Market added just 6.55 points to trade at 3,061.45 as investors pushed IC TOP 10 listed, Caribbean Cream share up to $6.10, in trading 39,035 shares at the opening, in response to a 59 percent increase in profit for the first quarter. Trading in the stock is suspended, with it having risen 24 percent from the close on Thursday.
If the market ends above Thursday closing level, it would result in five days of new record close for the market.

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