NCB Insiders sending $650m message?

NCB had a good 2018 fiscal year with strong profit gains.

Buying of shares in companies by insiders they oversee is worthy of note. Investors should pay keen attention to the coded message it may be sending.
It would appear that some directors and executives at NCB Financial Group, see big things ahead to have put down J$650 million in buying a block of the stock close to the highest piece it has traded at in recent times. According to the Jamaica Stock Exchange, NCB Financial Group advised that two directors and six executive officers purchased a total of 4,793,610 NCBFG shares on November 20, 2018. The only issue with the announcement is that the stock exchange report for the November 20 shows only 4.2 million NCB’s shares traded on that day.
The acquisition took place after an announcement that NCB was now cleared to acquire an additional 22 percent of Guardian Holding shares at TT$18 each. For the nine months to September, profit attributable to equity holders of the Guardian jumped to TT$371 million for the nine months to September, from $254 million in 2017 and rose to $156 million in the quarter from just $60 million in the 2017 period. Guardian reported audited profit of TT$407 million in 2017.
Earnings per share ended at $1.60 for the 2018 nine months period, compared to $1.75 in the twelve months of 2017. At $18 per share NCB is getting a bargain with the stock selling around 9 times 2018 earnings while NCB is selling locally at 14 times earnings. Guardian’s shares closed trading at TT$18 on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange today while NCB traded 211,790 shares with the last price at a record $137.
NCB closed with buying interest in just over 417,000 units between $125 and $136.01, with selling of 215,000 units between $137 to $169.80.

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