Mystic Mountain $500m Pref shares

In July, Mystic Mountain issued $500 million in 10.50 percent preference shares in a private placement. So how do they look financially? IC Insider got hold of some data to help investors understand what the operation is looking like. The funds raised are expected to cut borrowing cost, provide working capital and allow for expansion.

The company intends to apply to the Jamaica Stock Exchange for the listing of all of the Preference Shares by way of introduction and to make such application six months or as soon as conveniently possible after the closing of the Offer.

The company operates an attraction facility in Ocho Rios, Jamaica catering to all, but relying a great deal on foreign visitors to the island.

Information from the company states that “The Rainforest Sky Explorer is a chairlift ride which takes riders from the entrance to the heart of the action, 700 feet higher. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes each way and covers approximately 1.3 miles, giving riders superb views of the rainforest, the beautiful Caribbean Sea on the north coast of Jamaica and educational pictorial displays featuring Jamaican Olympian athletes that are set up at the top of the route.

Mystic MountainCHARTRFA is a British Virgin Islands registered corporation that, through its Hong Kong wholly owned subsidiary, is the majority owner of five ecotourism parks, two in Costa Rica, one with a management agreement in Mexico, one in St. Lucia, and Mystic Mountain in Jamaica. RFA owns 54.9 percent of Mystic Mountain. The remaining 45.1 percent is owned by Mike Drakulich, Norma Clarke and John Dalton. Additionally, the Company is planning to build a sixth park in St. Maarten and is in advanced negotiations to develop a seventh park in Rio de Janeiro.”

Profitability | Net profit for September 2012 amounted to US$1.186 million up from US$1,018 million in 2011 with profits being made in the last four years, the period that the company disclosed results for. Financial performance for 2nd quarter ended March this year and March 2012 showed operating revenues up to US$2.20 million, a US$179,000, or 7.5 percent decline compared to 2012. Direct operating expenses totalled US$940,000 in the quarter, a 10.4 percent or US$48,000 increase over the 2012 quarter. Administrative expense increased marginally by 3 percent from US$441,000 in the second quarter 2012 to US$455,000 this year. Finance costs fell from US$56,000 to US$40,000 in the second quarter this year compared to the similar period in 2012. Net Income declined by 34 percent or US$299,000 to US$580,000 in the quarter.

Revenues for the 2012 fiscal year amounted to US$7.146 million, an increase of 16 percent or $1 million over 2011 primarily as a result of an increase in visitors over the year. The compounded average growth rate (CAGR) for the 4 year period is 9 percent. Direct operating cost of US$2.40 million increased by 25 percent or US$500,000 compared to 2011, resulting in a gross profit of US$4.75 million for a 12 percent improvement over the previous year.

Operating expenses of US$3.36 million increased by 12 percent or US$358,000 relative to 2011, primarily as a result of increases in general operating expenses such as repair and maintenance and office expenses. Gross profit margin declined from 67 percent in 2011 to 66 percent in 2012. In 2009 gross profit margin was 74 percent.

Finance costs of US$205 thousand declined by US$27 thousand or by 12 percent relative to 2011 of US$232 thousand. Finance cost was reduced from a high of US$611 thousand in 2009.  Mystic has reduced its total borrowings from US$4.824 million to US$2.454 million in 2012 by paying down loans resulting in reduced interest cost.

Liquidity | As at September 30, 2012, the company had a current ratio of 1.05. This represents an increase of 22 percent of the liquidity position relative to 2011, in which the current ratio stood at 0.86. The level of equity to debt which was 110 percent in 2011 improved sharply to 160 percent in 2012.

The company’s working capital has been negative for the three years to 2012 and just went into the black in 2012.

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