More slippage for Junior Market

The Junior Market Index declined further on Friday, taking it down to 2,317.91 with a fall of 27.62 points at the close, slashing 31 percent off the value of Junior Market stocks in 2019 and 37 percent since it peaked in August last year, taking the market back to September 2016 levels.   Trading ended, with 34 securities changing hands, resulting in the prices of 10 securities advancing, 18 declining and six remaining exchange of 4,544,381 units valued at $10,187,594 compared to 4,910,632 units valued at $15,136,846 on Thursday. Trading left the average market PE ratio at 11 times 2019 earnings.
Trading ended with an average of 133,658 units at $299,635 for each security, in contrast to 148,807 units for an average of $458,692 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 152,909 units valued at $396,388 and previously 155,263 units valued at $408,221. In contrast, February closed with an average of 167,673 units valued at $488,038 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows two stocks ended with bid higher than the last selling prices and four with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial shed $1.25 in trading of 13,618 units at $22.75, AMG Packaging ended market activity, exchanging 35,500 shares to close at $1.65, after falling 25 cents, Caribbean Producers dipped 50 cents in trading of 33,850 units at $3.50. Consolidated Bakeries added 1 cent in exchanging 217,000 shares at $1.51, Derrimon Trading fell 15 cents in trading of 343,000 units at a 52 weeks’ low of $1.70, Dolphin Cove lost 30 cents to end at $8, after trading 28,000 shares. Elite Diagnostic shed 10 cents exchanging 5,000 units at $3.80, Express Catering fell 10 cents after 20,000 units changed hands at $3.70, Fontana gained 20 cents to close at $4.71, trading 412,665 stock units, Fosrich fell 15 cents to a 52 weeks’ low of $2.95, with 34,558 units changing hands. General Accident dropped $1.10 and ended market activity exchanging 67,413 shares at $5, Honey Bun declined 65 cents trading 123,374 units at $5.25, iCreate lost 2 cents with 167,462 units crossing the market at a 52 weeks’ low of 48 cents, Indies Pharma transferred 52,631 units and gained 3 cents to end at $1.99. Jamaican Teas lost 23 cents transferring 26,418 units at $4.97, Jetcon closed 5 cents higher at $1.25, with 1,039,008 stock units changing hands, Key Insurance gained 20 cents to end at $2.40, with 40,000 stock units crossing the exchange. Lasco Distributors dipped 20 cents in trading of 198,632 units at a 52 weeks’ high of $2.60, Lasco Financial gained 4 cents in exchanging 44,826 shares at $2.30, Lasco Manufacturing closed trading of 115,800 units with a gain of 5 cents to end at $3.01. Limners and Bards closed 18 cents higher at $2.25, with 139,147 stock units moving through the market, Lumber Depot ended with a loss of 1 cent at $1.28, with 24,161 stock units changing hands, Main Event closed 5 cents higher at $4.17, with 22,996 stock units trading. MailPac closed with a loss of 13 cents at $1.35, in swapping of 919,320 shares, Paramount Trading shed 3 cents to close at $1.97 exchanging 57,898 shares, SSL Venture shed 2 cents in trading of 1,443 units at $1 and Stationery and Office Supplies closed 30 cents higher at $7, with just ten stock units changing hands.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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