Modest gains for JSE indices – Wednesday

The market indices of the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange made just modest gains at the end of trading on Wednesday with JSE All Jamaican Composite Index inching a mere 78.55 points higher to 425,425.20 and the JSE Index added just 71.38 points to end at 387,588.58.
At the close of market, the main and US markets traded 37 securities, compared to 40 trading on Tuesday as 11 advanced, 15 declined and 11 traded without changes in prices.
Main market activity ended with 14,753,152 units valued $304,256,799 trading, compared to 13,672,324 units valued at $88,199,433 changing hands, on Tuesday. Trading volume was boosted, by the switching of stocks between portfolios, within a group.
Wisynco Group led trading with 3.74 million shares for 25.4 percent of the day’s volume, JMMB Group 7.5% preference share ended with 3.62 million units, for 24.5 percent of the total main market volume changing hands and Caribbean Cement ended with 1.55 million units, for 10.5 percent of the day’s volume.
Market activity ended with an average of 433,916 units valued at an average of $8,948,729 for each security traded. In contrast to 402,127 units for an average of $2,594,101 on Tuesday. The average volume and value for the month to date, amounts to 433,052 shares at $6,186,217 for each security traded, in contrast to 432,940 shares at $5,776,063 on the prior trading day. Trading for February resulted in an average of 281,016 shares with a value of $11,715,160, for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator|The Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator ended with the reading showing 6 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 2 closing with lower offers.
In main market activity, Berger Paints ended with a loss of 50 cents at $19.50, trading  661,200 stock units, Caribbean Cement closed with a loss of $2.32 to finish at $53.40, with 23,970 shares changing hands, Eppley rose 35 cents and ended trading at $10.35, in exchanging 1,750 shares, Grace Kennedy lost 50 cents trading 69,179 stock units at $60. Jamaica Broilers lost 50 cents and finished trading 90,452 units at $31.50. Jamaica Producers rose 75 cents and closed at $23.25, with 1,192,097 shares changing hands, Jamaica Stock Exchange ended at $14, with a loss of $1 in trading 58,251 shares, JMMB Group rose 49 cents and concluded trading of 44,818 shares at $32. Kingston Properties rose 60 cents to finish exchanging 3,500 stock units at $6.60, Kingston Wharves fell $1 to settle at $75, with an exchange of 7,402 units, Mayberry Investments  lost 50 cents and ended trading 419,408 shares, to close at $8.50.  NCB Financial Group  lost 50 cents trading 374,131 shares to close at $144.50,  PanJam Investment  climbed $2 and ended 52 weeks’ closing high of $82, with 42,011 units trading,after posting an intraday high of $85, Sagicor Group fell $1.40 in trading 109,500 shares, to close at $38.10. Salada Foods rose $1 in trading 15,582 units to close at $30, Scotia Group  fell 40 cents and finished trading 37,132 shares at $51.90 and  Seprod  slipped 95 cents to close at $42.60, with 157,013 shares changing hands.
Trading in the US dollar market resulted in 50,550 units valued at $35,246 changing hands. JMMB Group 5.75% preference share ended trading of 15,000 stock units at $2, JMMB Group  6% preference share traded 1,500 units at US$1 after falling by 4 cents and Sygnus Credit Investments Jamaican dollar ordinary share traded 34,050 but rose 0.1 cent to close at 11 US cents.The JSE USD Equities Index rose 0.11 points to close at 175.77.

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