Mayberry out of Access

AccessFinancialProductsThere is trading in 135,339,271 units of access shares which were sold by Mayberry from their holdings and said to be purchased by clients in 33 trades at $9 each.
Reports to IC, indicate that the mediator to both parties in the Access dispute between Marcus James and Mayberry, R Danny Williams was advised today that Mayberry has disposed of their holdings.
Up to late on Monday, the Chairman of Access confirmed that he was not aware of the trades on Monday, that IC Insider gather were cancelled by Mayberry. Under the stock exchange rules pertaining to insider trades, the intention to trades in the stock of a company by insiders must be communicated to the Chairman in writing.
Based on the price the block was old at the consideration is $1.218 billion. IC understand that Proven Investments purchased the shares which would bring their holdings to just under 50 percent of the 274 million shares outstanding at Access.

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