Market watch remains on Junior Market

Focus on the entire Junior Market was the advised investors got last week, as the market remained severely undervalued with technical indicators pointing to a breakout.
The advice remains for the second week as investors switch their focus decidedly on the market that lagged the main market for most of 2019 to date. The market reversed the near 10 percent loss in the first half of the year and moved solidly into the black with a rise of 9 percent to the end of last week. Technical indicators suggest a huge rise in the market as it moves to close the valuation gap with the main market.
In the process, the market rose 152.80 points during the week and ended at a record close of 3,537.21 after breaking the old mark of 3,436.54 points set in September last year.

Jamaica Broilers has just two offers for sale at the close on Friday.

The main market also contributed its fair share of excitement with a new record close and a number of stocks hitting new highs. A number of main market stocks could be coming to a short-term peak as is evident in the pullback of NCB Financial and Caribbean Cement during the past week with the latest quarterly results not lending much fuel to the stock prices.
It will be interesting to see how investors react to announced terms of the rights issue for Barita Investments with the offer of 11 for every 100 units at $45 each.
Jamaica Broilers has just 2 offers to sell, suggesting that the price has a far way to go. Some buying came for Radio Jamaica in the past week but with the price closing at $1.35 on Friday. It is worth noting that supply is drying up with only four offers totaling 115,000 shares posted at the close on Friday.
Sygnus Credit Investments is coming into its own with a limited supply of the stock for sale, the price closed at a record high at the close of the past week and may move higher this week. Jamaica Stock Exchange stock could fall some more with the stock facing increased selling and reduced buying.
Some selling came into the market for Blue Power but buying interest remains at the close on Friday with buying interest around the $12 but with some selling just above. Caribbean Flavours has a limited supply of stocks for sale and is worth watching. Elite Diagnostic with rising demand and virtually no supplies could bounce again this week following last weeks’ rise. General Accident moved away from the $4.50 level to close at $4.95 on Friday against declining supplies for sale with just two offers posted on Friday. Jamaican Teas hit new records during the week with investors trying to buy at $8.40, a level over the 30 percent limitation set by the market. The stock last traded at $7.26. Lasco Financial price bounced above $5 last week. The stock remains undervalued and should see increased buying interest, with the release of June quarter results, due out shortly. Lasco Manufacturing released first-quarter numbers at the close of the week with net profit rising 19 percent to $282 million, enough to move the price higher. Lasco Distributors should release quarterly results this week and could move prices of the stocks higher. Limners and Bards climbed to a record high of $3.99 but closed at $3.75 on Friday. Buying interest remains strong but some investors are taking profits, it will be interesting to see which has the upper hand, this week. Medical Disposables looks poised to move higher with the first-quarter numbers, set to play an important role in further gains. Investors await the second-quarter results for Stationery and Office Supplies to determine if higher prices are on the cards anytime soon, but the supply of the stock remains low with only 43,000 units offered for sale at the close on Friday.

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