Lasco Financial profit up 20%

Lasco FinLasco Financial Services is reporting improved profit of 20 percent for the June quarter this year, compared with the year ago period. The improvements emanate primarily from a 23 percent growth in revenues.
Profit for the latest quarter ended at $47.3 million up from $39.3 million in 2013, with revenues coming out at $177.57 versus $145 million. Expenses grew by 23.6 percent, due mainly to a 32.6 percent increase in selling and promotional expenses that ended at $76.4 million, in the quarter. For the last fiscal year to April, Lasco reported $176.7 million in profit, from revenues of $629 million. Profit for the current year should end up around $250 million or 20 cents per share, with increased revenues and reduced marketing cost.
Last fiscal year the company increased its marketing spend considerably over the previous year, the added cost contained the level of profits that would normally have been made. “Advertising cost this year is expected to decline from the high of last year, since we will not require as significant an investment to drive growth for this period” Jacinth Hall-Tracey, Managing Director stated in a release with the result.
The company has assets of $880 million, up from $690 million at the end of June last year and $812 million at the end of April this year.
The stock remains Buy Rated. With the present price around a $1 per share and the earnings above should put a potential price of $1.60 within reach.

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  4. […] Lasco Financial Services’ profit that grew 20 percent in the June quarter, and 28 percent in the September quarter, to reach $65 million. The second quarter profit, grew faster than the 19 percent revenue growth to $188 million over 2013, slightly more than in the first quarter’s revenue of $178 million and $145 million, in the March 2014 quarter. For the six months to September, profit is up by 25 percent to $112 million or 9 cents per share and revenue climbed 14 percent to $366 million from $303 million in 2013. All things being equal, the full year earnings to March next year should exceed 20 cents per share. Cost rose 19 percent in the six months as increased marketing cost helped push cost up, but the increase for the September quarter was only 14 percent. The company is embarking on some new initiatives to expand the business. One will be the utilization of 14 locations island-wide for the provision of loans. They indicated earlier this month that they have already signed an agreement to facilitate this. New software that that has been installed will allow for Money Grams’ data to reside locally and thus speed up the processing in the money transfer transactions, thus creating a better experience for their customers. The focus in this area, is a partial recognition that that the traditional business of cambio and to a lesser degree remittance services are fairly matured and growth has to be explored elsewhere. Lasco Financial should generate in excess of 40 percent return on equity for the current fiscal year. As of September, equity stood at $726 million, loans and other receivables on the books is at $325 and cash funds $448 million. A look at Access with return on equity of more than 50 percent, contrast with Lasco Financial more than 40 percent. For one, it indicates that high risk lending is very profitable area if done right as well as the benefit that leveraging can deliver, with Access borrowing funds to relend versus Lasco using its own capital alone. […]

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