Kingston Wharves pumps up JP profits

Jamaica Producers current HQ.

Jamaica Producers made improvement in its operations, with strong gains in operating profit, helped by the consolidation of Kingston Wharves (KW), but importantly, gains from its other core business.
The company reported profit attributable to shareholders of $158 million for the second quarter and $251 million for the half year to June, 2017.
The results flowed from revenues of $7.4 billion up from $4.6 billion in 2016 for the half year and $4 billion for the quarter, up from $2.4 billion in 2016. In 2016 the group’s share of KW was treated as an associate as such the revenues for 2016 does not include that for wharf as is the case in 2017.
Closer look at the numbers, shows that while profit jumped sharply, the subsidiary Kingston Wharves accounted for $485 million of the $546 million profit generated from operations in the June quarter and $918 million of the $981 million generated for the half year. Revenues from KW amounts to $1.55 billion for the quarter and $2.94 billion for the six months, less than 40 percent of JP group’s revenues.
The numbers suggest there is much work to be done, to knock Producers as the group is called, into shape. Relocation of the head office from rented property to an existing property owned by them and serving other group companies and the consolidation of the Tortuga Rum Cake operations in Kingston with modern equipment and other changes, will help to improve profitability of the core business.
The results for 2017 translate to 14 cents per share for the quarter and 22 cents for the half year and should end around 50 cents for the year. With a stock price of $13.75 the market value is a very rich 29 times earnings against a market average of just over 13. The stock which traded as high as $22 earlier this year has been slowly correcting and seems headed lower as investors get a clearer picture of the likely full year’s earnings.
The group’s main activities are port terminal operations, logistics, the cultivation, marketing and distribution of fresh produce, food and juice manufacturing, land management and the holding of investments.

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