Junior Market steadies on Friday

Trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed on Friday with advancing stocks just edging out declining ones and the market index remained almost steady, slipping just 0.69 points to 3,108.19.
The market ended with 1,948,274 units valued at $10,702,346 changing hands, compared to Thursday with 1,176,216 units valued at $5,557,230.
A total of 19 securities traded, down from 22 on Thursday, with 8 stocks rising and 7 declining. Trading closed with 7 stocks with bids higher than the last traded prices and 4 closing with lower offers.
Trading ended trading with an average of 102,541 units for an average of $563,281 in contrast to 53,464 units for an average of $252,601 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 81,062 units valued at $422,302 compared to 70,323 units valued at $351,812 previously. In contrast, July closed with average of 536,395 units at $1,905,441 for each security traded.
At the close of the market, stocks trading and their last traded prices are: AMG Packaging rose by 22 cents to close at $3.75 with 64,907 units changing hands, CAC 2000 climbed 60 cents higher close at $7.10 with a 18,600 shares, Caribbean Cream with a loss of 35 cents, closed at $6.50 with a 17,300 shares, Caribbean Flavours suffered a loss of $1, to close at $11 with a 250,000 shares, Caribbean Producers closed at $3.45 with a 48,500 shares. Consolidated Bakeries ended with a loss of 33 cents, to $2.62 with a 23,617 shares, Derrimon Trading traded 25 cents higher to $7.75 with a 100,000 shares, Dolphin Cove rose 50 cents to close at $18 with a 700 shares, Express Catering closed 60 cents higher at $5.30 with a 1,158,203 shares, after trading at a low of $3.90 for the day and ended with an offer at $4.50 to sell 13,736 units. General Accident with a loss of 5 cents, closed at $2.85 with a 2,642 shares, ISP Finance fell $1.16 cents, to close at $17.26 with 120 shares, Jamaican Teas gained 24 cents to $4.75 with a 39,147 shares, Jetcon Corporation close at $5.30 with a 28,500 shares, KLE Group closed at $2 with a 2,390 shares, Knutsford Express fell 1 cent to $15 with a 2,000 shares, Lasco Distributors with a loss of 10 cents, to close at $6.60 with 61,046 shares, Lasco Financial closed at $4 with a 121,709 shares, Main Event lost 49 cents, and closed at $4.90 with a 8,000 shares and Paramount Trading jumped 69 cents higher to close at $2.54 with a 893 shares.

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