Junior Market inches higher – Thursday

The Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange closed higher on Thursday, as the number of stocks rising and falling held even after 56 percent fewer shares changed hands than on Wednesday.
Trading concluded with 33 securities changing hands compared to 23 on Wednesday and ended, with the prices of 10 stocks rising, the prices of 10  declining and 13 with prices remaining unchanged.
At the close, the Junior Market Index gained 11.7 points to settle at 2,534.12. The average PE Ratio of the market ended at 10.9 based on IC Insider.com’s forecast of 2020-21 earnings.
The market closed with an exchange of 1,700,358 shares for $4,040,852 compared to 3,872,328 units at $9,887,155 on Wednesday.  Mailpac Group led trading with 54.8 percent of the total volume, accounting for 931,763 shares, followed by Fontana with 10.7 percent for 182,377 units and Lumber Depot with 160,000 units, 9.4 percent market share.
Trading ended with an average of 51,526 units at $122,450 in contrast to 168,362 at $429,876 on Wednesday. For the month to date, the average trade resulted in an exchange of 107,083 units at $232,850 compared to 110,542 units at $239,724 on Wednesday. Trading in August resulted in an average of 104,414 units at $321,996.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading for the market shows three stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and three with lower offers.
At the close of the market, Access Financial lost $2.98 to finish at $22 with an exchange of 1,202 shares, Blue Power declined 16 cents to $3.15 with 3,397 stocks traded, Cargo Handlers fell 5 cents to settle at $7.95 with investors transferring just eight units. Caribbean Assurance Brokers closed 1 cent higher at $1.91 with 100 stocks changing hands, Caribbean Cream climbed 48 cents to finish at $4.34 with investors switching ownership of a mere 100 shares, Derrimon Trading dropped 10 cents to settle at $2.75 with an exchange of 20,209 shares.  Elite Diagnostic lost 18 cents to end at $3.02 with 34,813 stocks passing through the market, Fontana rose 7 cents to close at $4.79 with 182,377 units changing hands, Fosrich shed 35 cents to $3.60 with 37,316 units traded. GWest Corporation slipped 2 cents to 95 cents with investors transferring 95 shares, iCreate gained 7 cents to finish at 75 cents with an exchange of 49,925 shares, ISP Finance climbed $3 to end at $15 with a mere 1 unit passing through the market.  Jamaican Teas declined by 12 cents to settle at $4.27 with  5,525 stocks traded, Jetcon Corporation rose 7 cents to close at 93 cents with a transfer of 84,354 stock units, Lasco Manufacturing gained 10 cents to finish at $3.60  with 100 shares changing hands. Limners and Bards fell 6 cents to $2.69 with 85,599  units traded, Lumber Depot increased by 2 cents and exchanged 160,000 shares to settle at $1.09,  Paramount Trading advanced 29 cents to end at $1.70 with investors trading 100 stocks and SSL Venture slipped 1 cent to 74 cents with 100  shares crossing the exchange.
In the preference segment, Derrimon Trading advanced 5 cents to close at $2.05, with 2,165 shares changing hands.

Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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