JSE ekes small gain Monday

Activity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, resulted in the prices of 11 stocks rising,11 declining as 31 securities changed hands, ending in 2,308,869 units trading, valued at $12,795,656, and 4 stocks closing at new 52 weeks’ high, in all market segments.
JSE sum 22-6-15The JSE Market Index added 56.80 points to 97,438.98, theJSE All Jamaican Composite index rose 63.48 points to close at 107,849.53 and the JSE combined index gained 124.65 points to end at 100,259.54.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, in the main and junior markets, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows 10 stocks with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 with offers that were lower.
In trading Cable & Wireless ended with 204,187 units changing hands I cent higher at the close at 45 cents but traded as high as high as 48 cents. Caribbean Cement ended with 173,958 units trading, but lost 35 cents to end at $5.50, Desnoes & Geddes traded 28,187 shares and lost 5 cents in closing at $7.56, Jamaica Broilers had 9,768 shares changing hands and fell 55 cents to end at $5.45, JMMB Group traded unchanged at $7.50 after 237,117 JSE clse qts- 22-6-15units changed hands. National Commercial Bank traded 94,083 shares and lost 5 cents in closing at $29.45, Sagicor Group ended with 94,279 shares being active, fell 20 cents to end at $12.40, Scotia Group struggles to recover with 36,944 shares closed unchanged at $23.15. Proven Investments ordinary share traded 51,000 units and declined 3 cents to 19 US cents, Jamaica Money Market Brokers 7.50% preference share traded 243,400 units at $2 and Proven Investments 8% preference share had 10,100 units traded and lost 1 cent in closing at a 52 weeks’ low of $4.99.

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