JSE drops then jumps Tuesday morning

The Jamaica Stock market suffered large losses in the morning seconds before 11 am, in the process the All Jamaica Index trades at 110,787.47 to fall by 738.14 points, JSE Market Index declined 660.40 points to 100,067.42. The JSE Intra 18- 08-15 combined index fell 667.04 points to be at 103,642.18 and the junior market index 1,025.87, down 4.90 points.
A trade in Scotia Group that pushed the price back to $26 swung things around, with the all Jamaica Index jumping 934.41 points to 112,460.02, JSE Market Index gained 836 points to 101,563.82. The combined index was up 735.14 points to be at 105,044.36. The junior market index was at 1,024.90
Dolphin Cove fell 85 cents to $12.15, Gleaner Company traded at 63,082 shares and fell 56 cents to $2.17, Jamaica Broilers fell 89 cents to $6.10, Jamaica Stock Exchange traded at a new high of $8.50 with only 2,000 shares and Palace Amusement gained $5 to $65.
A total of 26 securities with a volume of only 766,233 units have traded with 8 stocks declining versus 7 that rose.

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