Jamaican Dollar falls to $134.05 to US$

BOJ will buy US$5M from the market on Wednesday.

The Jamaican dollar jumped to an average of $134.05 when trading closed in the foreign exchange market on Tuesday up from $133.39 on Monday with inflows greater than inflows.
Foreign exchange dealers bought the equivalent of $66 million and sold US$51 million on Tuesday with the United states dollar accounting for US$60.4 million of the purchased amount and US$43.6 million of sales, a difference of US$17 million.
Similar to Monday when the purchase of US dollars were even with the sales with a total of US$44 million bought and US$44.5 million sold of all currencies, the rate paid by the public to purchase the US dollar jumped over the closing rate on Friday.
On Friday last US$37 million was purchased by dealers of all currency including US$35.5 million in US currency and US$27 million in US currency was sold at an average rate of $132.96, as a total of US$28 million sold of all currencies.
Based on the schedule of intervention by Bank of Jamaica, the central bank will buy US$5 million from the market on Wednesday to be followed by similar amounts on August 2, and August 8.

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