Is C2W doomed?

After almost two years, C2W Music, which promised that they would be making profits by now is yet to show the income, much less profits.

In its prospectus for the IPO to raise $129 million on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, the company made this statement about profitability, “As a start-up, the Company is expected to post a Pre-Tax Loss for 2012 of approximately US$241,849. The Directors expect earnings to stabilize from 2013 onwards, with a projected profit before tax of US$668,100 in that year, increasing threefold to a projected Profit before Tax of US$2.36 million in 2016.”

The results to June indicates that those projections were just a pipe dream as the company not only reported a loss of US$345,855 for the six months to June 2013, but for the similar period in 2012 when the loss was US$131,284, and there was just US$1,803 income for the six months. While it is not impossible to win contracts for songs that could change the picture, one would need to see a steady, if even small, flow of income but that is not the case with a year and a half now gone.

C2WMusiclogo2Shareholder equity now stands at US$377,257 down from US$1.2 million at June last year. Cash is almost gone entirely with just US$14,335 left of the sum raised in the IPO. C2W has assets in the form of advances to song writers of more than US$300,000 but that is not income and only $24,000 are due within a year.

The company needs a knight in shining armour and FAST if it is to avoid the burial ground. Crunch time is nigh.

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