Investors need the Lab’s April results

There is a good reason why stock markets require listed companies to report on their performance quarterly.
Quarterly results provide investors with critical information on a timely basis about the fortunes of a company’s operation and allow investors to make better investment decisions.
When a company goes public with financial information that is nearly six months old when a lot may have happened since the last report that is unacceptable. Information, profits and interest rates are three important things that drive stock prices. It is so critical for pertinent information to be make available to the public for rational decision making.
This publication finds it unacceptable that Limners and Bards are going to the market in July to raise capital with the last results included in the prospectus being January this year, nearly 6 months ago. What is worse, there are no projected earnings in the prospectus to guide investors with fresh capital being injected with the IPO proceeds.
The historical records hardly help in making a rational decision on what the 2019 earnings could be. The first quarter figures for 2019 shows that the profit made in the 2018 period was just about half of the full year’s figure but investors have to guess how the 2019 profit out-turn will be. Information gleaned by this publication, is that April’s second quarter numbers are known and are said to be around the same level as that of the first quarter. The big question is why is this information or some indication of post January results not mention in the prospectus for all to see?
The world’s best performing stock market cannot keeping living with the world’s worse investment practices.

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