Increase Junior Market trading

Trading remained elevated on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange on Thursday, with a 38 percent rise in the volume of stocks traded with a value slightly more than on Wednesday following trading in 42 securities versus 43 on Wednesday and ended with 14 rising, 21 declining and seven closing unchanged.
A total of 24,272,292 shares were exchanged for $95,687,158 compared to 17,626,075 units at $93,831,857 on Wednesday. Trading averaged 577,912 shares at $2,278,266 up from 409,909 shares at $2,182,136 on Wednesday, and month to date an average of 575,062 units at $1,952,071 compared to 574,790 units at $1,921,005 on the previous day, well above August that closed with an average of 407,186 units at $1,330,946.
Express Catering led trading with 10.24 million shares for 42.2 percent of total volume followed by ONE on ONE Educational with 4.52 million units for 18.6 percent of the day’s trade, iCreate ended with 1.85 million units for 7.6 percent market share and Fosrich with 1.81 million units for 7.4 percent of the market.
At the close, the Junior Market Index fell 12.81 points to settle at 4,189.37.
The PE Ratio, a measure of computing appropriate stock values, averages 12.8. The PE ratios of Junior Market stocks incorporate projected earnings for companies with financial year end that falls between November this year and August 2023.
Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator shows five stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and four with lower offers.
At the close, Access Financial gained 99 cents in ending at $21.99 after trading 476 shares, AMG Packaging dipped 10 cents to $3.85 with a transfer of 235 units, Cargo Handlers fell 80 cents to $13.70 with investors transferring 603 stock units. Caribbean Assurance Brokers lost 43 cents to end at $2.26 after 7,749 stocks changed hands, EduFocal popped 19 cents in closing at $2.49 after exchanging 76,733 units, Everything Fresh dipped 10 cents to $1.80, with 107,339 stock units crossing the exchange. Fontana rose 29 cents to $9.50 in trading 29,547 stocks, Fosrich fell 15 cents to $4.15 after exchanging 1,806,311 shares, Future Energy Source increased 31 cents to end at $5.19 as investors exchanged 543,327 stock units. Honey Bun shed 75 cents in ending at $8.10, with 8,535 shares changing hands, iCreate dipped 41 cents in closing at $3.19 in an exchange of 1,853,645 units, Indies Pharma lost 12 cents after ending at $2.98 with a transfer of 12,762 stocks. ISP Finance advanced $2.38 to close at $22.13, with 12 shares crossing the market, Jamaican Teas declined 31 cents to $2.59, with 304,759 stocks crossing the market, Limners and Bards shed 14 cents to end at $2.75 in exchanging 29,112 units. Lumber Depot dropped 12 cents to $2.88 with the swapping of 563,435 stock units, Main Event rallied $1.01 to $8.50 with an exchange of 286,037 shares following the release of impressive nine months results, MFS Capital Partners fell 33 cents in closing at $3.19 in switching ownership of 352,974 stocks and Stationery and Office Supplies climbed 39 cents to $16.50 after clearing the market with 6,088 stock units.
Prices of securities trading are those for the last transaction of each stock unless otherwise stated.

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