Huge surge in NIR mostly temporary

Jamaica’s international reserves surged to $4.25 billion at the end of August, with net reserves climbing to $3.67 billion, up from a net of US$2.74 billion at the end of July.
The increase came from a number of sources with the inflows from the issue of bonds by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) as well as inflows from the foreign exchange market.
“The increase in the NIR of US$933 million in August 2017 was attributed mainly to receipts from Eurobond of US$834.4 million by GOJ, net purchases of foreign exchange by BOJ from authorised foreign exchange traders and issuance of BOJ USD CDs,” Bank of Jamaica confirmed in response to an IC’s query.
“Notably, the impact of the large inflow from the GOJ Eurobond is transitory. During September, GOJ will pay approximately US$530 million (principal and interest) to investors on prepayment of two USD Bonds,” the BOJ’s response concluded.
Data for the first two weeks in September suggest that there is likely to be no new net inflows for the month from the regular foreign exchange market and the NIR could end at just about US$3.1 billion after the payout of the GOJ bonds, if BOJ does not issue new CDs to mop up the liquidity that would flow from the payout.

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