Huge profit turn at Honey Bun – BUY RATED

HONEY BUN LOGO Aug 2015Honey Bun turned around a loss of $17 million in the September 2014 quarter into a profit of $4 million in 2015 and a profit of only $23 million into a one of $68 million for the 2015 fiscal year or earnings per share of 72 cents.
The performance and IC Insider’s forecast for the next two years, (See EPS forecast below) have elevated the status of the stock to BUY RATED.
The change came from a 22 percent rise in revenue in the quarter to $215 million from $169 million in 2014 and from a 19 percent growth in revenues for the full year, to $887 million from $747 million in 2014. The profit in the September quarter is a major achievement for the company it being the first time since 2012 when a small profit of $550,000 was realized that the company is reporting a profit.
“The company services lots of schools and so the summer months are normally reduced due to the holiday season for July and August. We will always have this challenge but we have somewhat overcome a significant portion of it by way of the development of new products that are not directly geared for schools and by targeting other markets also.

One Honey Bun's Products

One Honey Bun’s Products

This has made a significant impact,” Chong stated in response to questions posed to her by IC subsequent to the release of the June quarterly report.
Helping the growth in profits was an improvement in gross profit and gross profit margin with the latter being 42.8 percent up from 41 percent in 2014 and from a 9.5 percent increase in administrative and other expenses, selling & distribution costs of $307 million from $280 million.
Investments, cash and equivalents rose to $92 million, net current assets stood at $102 million, borrowed funds fell from $73 million in 2014 to $51 million while equity rose to $368 million.
The company’s shares are listed on the junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and last traded at $5.50, with the price being up 164 percent since 2015, and now sports a PE of 7.6 times 2015 earnings. IC Insider is forecasting earnings per share (EPS) of $1.15 for the 2016 fiscal year which gives it a PE of 4.8 and EPS of $1.70 for 2017.
The company advised that the Board of Directors will meet on Monday, December 7 to consider the declaration of a dividend. An interim dividend of 12 cents per stock, amounting to $11.3 million was paid in May this year.

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