Grace & Carib Producers back in TOP 10

the past week was very eventful for the Jamaica Stock market as the main market surged to a new all-time high and the Junior market surges more than 100 points in the early part of the week and broke through resistance before pulling back.
Importantly, although the results for the first quarter of 2018 for many companies did not show strong gains while some showed declines compare with 2017, both the junior and main markets are at points to break out of a wedge formation. The moves are bias to the upside.
Medical Disposables jumped to $5 from $4.30 last week and was eased out of the top stocks and replaced by Caribbean Producers. Stationery and Office Supplies fell by the end of the week to $7.80, moving up on the list in the process, the order book of the stock suggest further decline before it bottoms out. Jamaican Teas price moved to $5.25 during the latter part of the week as demands picks up and supplies appear to have been declining, but by the end of the week it closed at $5.
In the main market, Jamaica broilers jumped to a record close of $26.30 on Friday, up from $21 at the end of the prior week and moved well outside the top 10 list, replaced by Grace Kennedy that slipped 50 cents in price by week end.
At the close of Friday, the average PE ratio for Junior Market Top stocks ended at 6,2 compared to an average PE for the overall main market of 11, based on 2018 estimated earnings. The main market PE is 7.6 for the top stocks, compared to a market average of 13.
IC’s TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 44 percent to the average for the Junior Market Top stocks but it’s a third of what the average PE for the year is likely to be of 20 times earnings and main market stocks traded at a discount of 41 percent to the market.
Stocks to watch. Scotia Group reported half year results during the past week, but there was nothing about them for investors to be excited about, as they showed lower profits in the April quarter than a year ago period. The stock price pulled back sharply on release of the results. The stock yields a dividend of 4 percent which is higher than treasuries and this could be an attraction for some investors while they await return to profit growth. NCB sits just below the TOP 10 list and has good growth prospects for patient investors. PanJam Investment that IC reported on in a separate article last week caught the eyes of some investors who moved the price up to $51.98 and it could go higher this week has there is very limited supply for this one. Investors should also keep an eye out for Sygnus Credit that could have its shares listed by next week.

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