Gains for Junior Market – Thursday

Trading on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange climbed sharply on Thursday with 8,679,414 units valued at $30,344,251 crossing the exchange, compared to 17,755,553 units valued at $89,888,819 exchanged on Wednesday.
At the close of trading 29 securities changed hands, compared with 27 on Wednesday. The Junior Market index climbed 21.14 points to close at 3,091.22 as the prices of 12 securities rose, 9 declined and 8 remained unchanged.
Trading ended with an average of 299,290 units for an average of $1,046,353 in contrast to 657,613 units for an average of $3,329,215 on Wednesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 206,420 shares valued at $875,602 compared to 194,026 shares valued at $852,887 on the previous day. In contrast, February closed with average of 235,225 units valued at $679,790 for each security traded.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows 8 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 5 with lower offers.
At the close of trading, Access Financial closed at $48, in trading 650 shares, AMG Packaging ended with a loss of 1 cent at $2, with 686,844 stock units changing hands, Blue Power concluded trading with 100 units after a loss of 35 cents to end at $4.65. Cargo Handlers settled with a loss of 7 cents at $12.58, with an exchange of 500 shares, Caribbean Flavours dropped $1.05 to close at $16.95 in trading 82,000 stock units, Caribbean Producers finished trading at $4.60, with 7,261 units changing hands. Derrimon Trading ended at $2.87, with an exchange of 30,950 shares, Everything Fresh finished 10 cents higher at $1.60, trading 7,000 stock units, Elite Diagnostic settled at $3.25, with 21,494 units trading. Express Catering ended trading 50 cents higher at $8, with 570,123 shares, FosRich Group traded with a loss of 16 cents at $4, with 75,479 shares, Fontana finished trading 130,851 shares at $4.06, General Accident closed 55 cents higher at $4.50, while exchanging 180,624 stock units. GWest Corporation gained 5 cents in closing at $1.80, trading 13,717 units, Honey Bun concluded trading of 12,800 shares at $3.85, ICreate gained 3 cents to close at 98 cents, in trading 42,305 shares, Indies Pharma finished with a loss of 10 cents at $3.01,with 475,330 shares changing hands. ISP Finance ended trading 500 stock units and rose $2 to close at $15.50, Jamaican Teas traded 72,300 units and rose 5 cents higher to $3.80,  KLE Group ended at $2.80, with 8,689 shares changing hands, Knutsford Express  concluded trading with 150 stock units and lost 10 cents to end at $12.70.  Lasco Distributors  finished 30 cents higher at $4, with an exchange of 10,150 units, Lasco Financial  settled 1 cent higher at $4.41, with 10,400 shares trading, Lasco Manufacturing  ended trading 6,167,975 shares after rising 6 cents to $3.06, Main Event  traded 55 cents higher at $5.80, with 1,229 shares changing hands. Medical Disposables  finished trading 43,371 stock units and rose 50 cents to $7.50,  SSL Venture Capital ended at $1.70, with just 2,500 shares passing through the exchange, Stationery and Office  concluded trading 23,924 shares with a loss of 22 cents in closing at $7.25 and Sweet River finished with a loss of 50 cents to close at a 52 weeks’ low of at $3, with 198 shares changing hands.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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