Gains continue for Junior Market

The Junior Market Index advanced 14.04 points to 3,378.19, with the prices of 17 securities rising against nine that fell, leaving five stocks trading with unchanged prices.
The average PE of the market rose to 14.6, up from 14.4 previously.
Market activity ended with 34 securities trading, resulting in 3,502,559 units for $8,563,366 compared to 5,086,049 units valued at $10,583,733 from 29 securities on Thursday.
Trading ended with an average of 103,016 units for an average of $251,864 in contrast to 175,381 units for an average of $364,956 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to units 136,327 valued at $303,922 for each security traded. December closed with an average of 521,319 shares at $1,344,719 for each traded security.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Investors Choice bid-offer indicator reading shows no stock ending with bid higher than the last selling price and seven with lower offers.
By the close of trading, AMG Packaging added 15 cents to close at $2.25 with 15,392 shares changing hands, Blue Power lost 20 cents trading 1,100 units at $4.80, Cargo Handlers exchanged 3,452 units and rose 55 cents to close at $9.50. Investors exchanged 57,928 shares of Caribbean Cream, pushing the price up by 70 cents to $4.30, Caribbean Producers lost 20 cents to end at $5 with 8,354 stock units crossing the exchange. Dolphin Cove rose 4 cents to close at $11.15 with 13,101 units changing hands. Everything Fresh gained 5 cents to end at $1.20, trading 13,968 stock units. Express Catering gained 5 cents to close at $6.65, with an exchange of 3,000 stock units, Fontana climbed 34 cents to $7.35, after trading 109,600 shares, FosRich had 13,217 stock units changing hands and rose 5 cents to close at $4.50, General Accident added 10 cents to end at $7.10, with 3,200 units crossing the market. GWest Corporation exchanged 206,075 shares after gaining 7 cents to close at $1.07, Honey Bun rose 49 cents to settle at $8.45, after trading 51,959 shares, iCreate fell 1 cent to 70 cents with 187,342 shares changing hands. Iron Rock Insurance gained 41 cents to end at $4 with 1,226 stock units changing hands, Jetcon Corporation rose 13 cents while exchanging 9,460 shares and ended at $1.78. Knutsford Express gained 35 cents to end at $10.60 with 2,259 units changing hands, Lasco Distributors gained 5 cents trading 23,300 shares to end at $3.30, Lasco Financial ended with 49,800 stock units crossing the exchange after falling 3 cents to end at $4.30. Lasco Manufacturing lost 2 cents to settle at $4.66, with 74,436 shares changing hands. Limners & Bards lost 2 cents with 199,350 stock units changing hands at $3. Lumber Depot fell 10 cents to end at $1.50 with a transfer of 1,616,977 stock units, MailPac gained 3 cents trading 496,288 shares to settle at $2.12, SSL Venture Capital gained 7 cents to end at $1.20 with a mere 200 stock units trading and tTech dropped $1.02 to end at $5.50, in a transfer of 865 shares.

Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.


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